Noble @Dragon_FGC wins Kombat Cup S2 Week 11!

Kombat Cup Season 2 is winding down to its final leg! With Week 12 around the corner, we’d like to bring you up to speed on the Week 11 results as well as the Konquest finale. Read on!

Similar to Week 10’s opening match, Semiij and InControl Gaming’s RevetLeafing lead off the quarterfinals. At first, Revet found himself struggling like a drowning man without a straw, as he only managed to damage Semiij by armoring through his gaps while the Mileena specialist ruthlessly pounded away at his health. However, Semiij drops the game-winning combo, giving Revet an opportunity to run away with the victory. In return, Semiij tightens up his execution while boldly challenging Revet’s Naginata set-ups with teleport kicks and jumpkicks. Semiij still struggles to connect the roll after successful air-to-airs, but unlike in the first match, he makes up for it with an overwhelming aggression to take a 2-1 lead. Revet switches to his Pyromancer variation in an effort to throw Semiij off. He starts to abuse his drill kick after noticing Semiij’s difficulty with punishing the move, but his recklessness leads him to open himself up to punishes far too often. Semiij converts off one last blockstring in the corner to finish off Revet and proceed to semifinals.

Week 11 Top 8 – Semiij vs InC RevetLeafing

Noble Dragon, another of the Kombat Cup regulars, takes on a player who finally returns to the Top 8 after weeks of trying – bkith6264 (Raiden). Both players exercise an admirable display of defense against one another, but bkith’s failure to convert off stray hits causes him to fall behind. Noting the distinct lack of low launchers, Dragon boldly introduces Assassin Kitana’s parry into the match, the damage augmented by his Sharpen boost. bkith opts to reserve his meter for his pressure game, but with his nonexistent usage of lows and overheads, Dragon is content to block and wait his turn to counterattack. The notorious poke-into-Rising-Fans strategy catches even bkith slipping in the counter-poke game, giving Dragon that much more momentum to work with. bkith manages to find an incredible start in the second game, but Dragon escapes the corner, finds one more combo, and clutches out the round with a chip-out. Afterward, bkith has no answer whatsoever to Dragon’s adjustment, and so he eventually falls 0-3 to the Edenien warrior.

Week 11 Top 8 – Noble Dragon vs bkith6264

But Raiden’s dream continues to live on through HARA Rewind, one of the few players known for pushing Echo Fox Sonic Fox to his limit in nail-biting exhibitions which almost always end 3-2 in Sonic’s favor. Determined to produce a different outcome, Rewind constantly whiffs attacks before tossing out an EX Vicinity Blast to force Sonic’s hand. Cassie’s B1 normal is known to be one of the best attacks in the game, but with Rewind utilizing his EX Teleport for effective countermeasures, Sonic is actually hesitant to use it. The set boils down to one question: which player is more easily baited? Rewind’s B1 counter-poke suffers against Cassie’s low hurtbox, but he improvises with other pokes and an occasional reversal. We also see Cassie’s EX Flipkick get whiff punished on wake-up for possibly the first time in the Kombat Cup, only for Rewind to be clipped by a second one at a cost of a round. The two consistently tech each other’s throws, but eventually Rewind gets the edge and the pressure on Sonic’s shoulders increases in weight. Given the utility of Raiden’s plus-frame normals, Sonic finds himself giving Rewind more respect than he’s usually known to give. Rewind takes full advantage of this development to slip in lows, overheads and more EX Vicinity Blasts. With one final throw in the corner, Rewind finally slays the fox 3-2 and proceeds to semifinals!

Week 11 Top 8 – HARA Rewind vs Echo Fox SonicFox

Noobe (Kano) finally makes his first appearance in the Kombat Cup after nearly two full seasons. He must face Noble Tweedy (Kenshi) for a chance to shine in semifinals. Within seconds, Noobe plays without restraint, rapidly sacrificing meter to wake-up and sometimes just throwing raw knives as he’s getting up. However, his backdashes are checked by Tweedy’s B1 attack (shades of Cassie Cage, perhaps?), leaving him at the mercy of Kenshi’s mix-up barrage. But he comes to this match with a mix-up of his own: counter-poking with either a seven-frame D4 or an instant overhead Kano-ball. Despite his understandable difficulty in blocking against the character, Tweedy simply decides to tune up his own aggression to reduce Noobe’s options. As Tweedy goes up two games to nil, Noobe switches to his Cutthroat variation only to be punished for trying to utilize the variation’s overhead starter. With no answer to Kenshi’s space control, Noobe is repeatedly opened up by mix-ups until the last of his health bar disintegrates. Tweedy takes it 3-0 with a Brutality on top.

Week 11 Top 8 – Noobe vs Noble Tweedy

With Semiij sitting comfortably in the number one position on the KC rankings, he decides to experiment with other characters during his set with Noble Dragon, starting with Possessed Kenshi. But having trained quite a lot with his comrade Tweedy, Dragon is more than familiar with Semiij’s tactics with the character, and this familiarity leads him to claim his first win with relative ease. In response, Semiij decides to return to his roots with Outlaw Erron Black (fun fact: Erron was Sonic and Semiij’s first main character since MKX’s launch). This choice proves surprisingly effective as Semiij reacts to all of Dragon’s teleports with a mere jab to juggle the Elder God. The one time Dragon does catch him with a teleport, however, he commits to a grab which misses due to the hitstun of his jump normal. Dragon endures a sequence of safe blockstrings from Erron which eventually snuffs out his life bar. Like with Semiij, Dragon makes a character switch to Royal Storm Kitana, seeking to outzone the gunslinger. Semiij is willing to walk his way past the fans, but his stubbornness in trying to take to the air leads him to getting juggled by Kitana’s jump-2 normal, which is extremely good for air-to-air situations. With Dragon up 2-1, the pressure is on Semiij to reverse the situation. With both players down to their last legs, Semiij pops open Dragon’s can one last time but whiffs an uppercut that would have won him the game! Dragon takes advantage of his opponent’s drop to score a clean jump-in and finish off the set 3-1!

Week 11 Top 8 Semifinals – Semiij vs Noble Dragon

Fresh off his triumph over SonicFox, HARA Rewind’s confidence could not be higher as he goes into his semifinals match with Noble Tweedy. With Raiden’s teleport a factor in the equation, Tweedy opts to back off on the zoning and lay down the pressure instead. Rewind switches back and forth between simply blocking against Kenshi’s teleport or reacting with his F1 anti-air, which sometimes works and sometimes does not. Rewind takes every opportunity he can to lock his opponent down with an onslaught of plus frames and an occasional 50/50, but Tweedy’s defense holds up exceptionally well. Grabs are also as ineffective due to both players ducking them consistently. At a crucial point in the match, Tweedy tries to wake up with his EX Overhead only for Rewind to cancel his meaty normal into an EX Vicinity Blast which blows up the wake-up and gives him the round. Unfortunately for him, he fails to convert off stray hits, similar to bkith6264, and this alone allows Tweedy to take control. A Flawless Victory in the final game sends a powerful message to Rewind, but he shrugs it off and takes the second round by not allowing Tweedy to approach him comfortably. Tweedy answers back with such a domination in the final round that Rewind is caught slipping away from his block button in the middle of strings. Tweedy eliminates HARA Rewind 3-1 to meet Dragon for a runback in Grand Finals!

Week 11 Top 8 Semifinals – Noble Tweedy vs HARA Rewind

In their previous encounter, Tweedy defeated Dragon 3-1 to become the Week 9 champion. With the two facing off in Grand Finals for a second time, Dragon is determined to exact his due vengeance, although his input drops somewhat hinder his progress since the start of the set. Still, with Tweedy trying so hard to teleport over to him, he consistently beats him out with jump-2 attacks for corner carry and Sharpen set-ups. Both players play a very slow neutral as the two are aware of each other’s follow-up options after a blocked poke, all of which are safe. This opens up for additional pokes even if the first is blocked, provided the opponent has been conditioned enough to not respond with a poke of his own. Eventually Tweedy is caught slipping and eats a Rising Fans trying to counter-poke Kitana, but whenever he blocks one instead, he backdashes to avoid the follow-up pressure (or he X-rays his opponent like in the second match, tying it up 1-1 apiece). Dragon is oddly hesitant to anti-air Tweedy’s teleports unless he’s already airborne, but the Kenshi specialist is still frustrated by his difficulty in breaking through Dragon’s offense. With both players tied at two wins apiece, they fight to their last breath, bringing the fifth game to a final round while coming within an inch of maximizing their resources. Finally, Tweedy’s BF3 demon gets jumped by Dragon who capitalizes with a full meterless confirm into a damage boost. With his meter filled up, Tweedy’s fate is sealed when he blockes a jump-in which is immediately followed by a conclusive X-ray attack!

Week 11 Grand Finals – Noble Tweedy vs Noble Dragon

Final Results

1st – Noble Dragon
Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd – Noble Tweedy
Prizes: $100 and 125 league points

3rd/4th – Semiij
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

3rd/4th – HARA Rewind
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th – Bkith6264
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – InC RevetLeafing
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – Echo Fox Sonic Fox
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – Noobe
Prizes: 50 league points

Match Log


Semiij (Mileena): 3 vs. InC RevetLeafing (Tanya): 1

Bkith6264 (Raiden): 0 vs. Noble Dragon (Kitana): 3

Echo Fox SonicFox (Cassie Cage): 2 vs. HARA Rewind (Raiden): 3

Noble Tweedy (Kenshi): 3 vs. Noobe (Kano): 0


Semiij (Kenshi and Erron Black): 1 vs. Noble Dragon (Shinnok and Kitana): 3

HARA Rewind (Raiden): 1 vs. Noble Tweedy (Kenshi): 3

Grand Finals

Noble Dragon (Kitana): 3 vs. Noble Tweedy (Kenshi): 2

Vengeance tastes sweeter than ice cream! Dragon would certainly agree, as he has now become the Week 11 Kombat Cup champion by achieving a team kill against Tweedy! Week 11 is definitely an event that will go down in the history books (seriously, Rewind’s upset over Sonic is a memory that won’t leave anyone’s hearts in the near future).

Additionally, the Konquest series concluded last week with Echo Fox Scar emerging victorious over InC RevetLeafing in the Grand Finals! Congratulations to him for closing out the Konquest finale with a decisive victory.

However, Scar still trails RevetLeafing in the KC rankings by over a hundred points. In fact, the conclusion of Week 11 has all but locked in five players for the Kombat Cup Season Finale! See below for the updated rankings, with the names of the qualified players colored gold.

We are happy to congratulate Semiij, Tweedy, Dragon, SonicFox and yungmonster for earning their places in the Season 2 finale! Dragon’s victory this week has moved him ahead of Sonic by twenty-five points, but for them, it’s merely a content to see who will be seeded higher than the other for the finale.

This leads us to our twelfth and final weekly bracket for the mandatory Kombat Cup series! With the completion of tonight’s preliminaries, we have our last Top 8 locked in for this Wednesday at 8 P.M. EST. See below for this week’s bracket!

For this Top 8, we have Circa Forever King, STB Deoxys and Daddydab making a return to attempt to upset the returning faces. The only question is, who will emerge victorious?! Make sure you tune in this Wednesday at the Kombat Cup Stream.Me page!

Thank you to our commentators for casting the Week 11 finals, Konquest and the Week 12 preliminaries! We’ll be rejoined by Echo and Aquaman this Wednesday for the send-off to Season 2!

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