Ninja in Pyjamas Player Still Out On Injury

Two months have passed since Jacob “pyth” Mourujärvi was labeled injured and therefore inactive in NiP Gaming because on a hand injury.

Mourujärvi was recently guest appearing in the most current episode of the Swedish podcast Esportpodden, starring NiP legend, Emil “HeatoN” Christensen, and Fragbite’s Editor in Chief, André “rich” Åkerblom. In the episode, pyth goes into the source to his injury, being his non-ergonomic body style while playing, which unfortunately has injured his nerves. There is much going into his rehabilitation process as he describes, and that he’s “changed his style by placing his arms on the table rather than letting them hang.”

Furthermore, pyth tells fans that there’s a chance of him doing his comeback in about a month, although these is a change that he has to have surgery for carpal tunnel.pyth_2016

“It’s hard to say, I’m waiting for a test result from a nerve
test I did. I measured the ‘ping’, so to say, in my nerves, and that will show if I need to undergo surgery for carpal tunnel or not. If I have to do the surgery, it’ll take about four to six weeks from after the operation, but if I don’t have to do it, I would see myself back in a month.”

It’s unclear when this potential surgery would take place, but there’s a risk Mourujärvi will be away for the rest of the year. In response, on the official Ninjas in Pyjamas website, they stated that they would have to fill his position with Joakim ”disco doplan” Gidetun, for the new season:

“As a result of the ongoing recovery period, we have decided to start the season of ESL Pro League with Joakim ”disco doplan” Gidetun. We are pleased to have Joakim filling in for Jacob during the initial phase of ESL Pro League and believe this is a good solution in an unfortunate situation. Joakim ”disco dolpan” Gidetun is currently part of Epsilon Esports and is considered as one of Sweden’s largest up and coming talents within CS:GO. We would like to send a special thanks to our friends at Epsilon Esports for allowing us to use Joakim during the first games of ESL Pro League Season 4, and wish him the best of luck on his debut!”


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