Next Three Entrants Invited to Red Bull Kumite

As a follow-up to our last post about Red Bull Kumite, we’ve learned the names of the next three players who have been invited to this glorious event at the Salle Wagram in Paris this May!

To recap, the Red Bull Kumite is an invitational event featuring a 16-player bracket. Fourteen players will be hand-picked by the organizers to participate while the final two will be decided in a last-minute qualifier on Saturday, May 27th at the Salle Wagram itself. Eight of the invited players have already been revealed to be Echo Fox Tokido, Qanba Douyu Xiao Hai, PR Balrog, RB, Alienware Nemo, Rize Infexious, Meltdown Mister Crimson and Red Bull Bonchan. Today we will see three more of those slots filled, which leaves room for another three to be squeezed in.

As a reminder, players will be able to register for this last-minute qualifier and/or book their seats at the arena as of March 12th. Until then, follow Red Bull’s official website to stay updated.

So who are the next three?!

BX3 Phenom – known to be the only European to qualify for Capcom Cup 2016 via a premier event, Phenom is considered a hero by his fans in Norway. It is quite ironic that he should ascend to fame after initially stating that he did not like Street Fighter V, yet he could be seen on the battlefield toppling gods (like Daigo Umehara) with his unconventional duo of Necalli and M. Bison. Despite his personal ordeals, he stuck to his guns and amassed one high placement after another. He came close to breaking into the Top 8 for Capcom Cup but ultimately fell short. Perhaps he will redeem himself at Red Bull Kumite by bringing the cup home to Norway? Stay tuned…

Xyzzy – this player’s name doesn’t come on the radar that often, and understandably so. 2017 marks the first year Xyzzy will ever invade Europe’s territory for a shot at the competition in Red Bull Kumite. But sleeping on this man is a dire mistake. Birdie sees little to no use in competitive play, but not only does Xyzzy play this character in a surprisingly effective way, he brings the hype! Heads swiveled in his direction when he caused upsets at the South East Asia Major (SEAM) last year, coming second in the Amateur tournament and ultimately placing ninth. Not long after that, he toppled the competition at SoCal Regionals 2016 to make his way into Top 8, where he finished in 7th place after losing to Onuki’s Chun-Li.

Red Bull Luffy Рlast, but certainly not in the least, is the EVO 2014 champion for Ultra Street Fighter 4, Luffy! His victory at the annual World Championships marked the start of a successful journey throughout the final iteration of the SF4 series, and his transition into Street Fighter V went well partly due to a decision to play R. Mika, who was a top-tier at the time. While he did not see a similar level of success in the newest Street Fighter iteration last year, his consistency has remained crisp. Despite the Season 2 nerfs, he intends to prove that his loyalty to his character will reap the rewards at Red Bull Kumite. One can nerf a character, but one cannot nerf a player!

To stay updated on the Red Bull Kumite, please follow Red Bull’s Twitter as well as this blog!