Next SFV Season 2 Character may have been leaked early!

Oops! Looks like Capcom slipped up…or was it on purpose?!

At the page for SFV’s Season 2 Character Pass on the Playstation Store, Mr Wizard caught a detail that might have been “unintentionally” leaked. However, that leak has since been removed, but the wizard kept an image saved on his Twitter. See below!

We may have been given a premature glimpse of the next DLC character coming to Street Fighter V’s Season 2 lineup. But the question is, who is Ed?

By this point, you ought to have played Balrog’s Character Story. It’s during this segment that his friend, dressed in a white vest with a hood, is identified as Ed. You also get a glimpse of this character during Urien’s story, in the aftermath of his match with Balrog. It’s at that moment that Ed is revealed to have the ability to wield Psycho Power just like M. Bison!

See these clips below and pay close attention to when Ed makes his appearance.

So if this leak is true – which it must be considering the speed at which it was removed – when can we expect to see Ed’s gameplay in action? Stay tuned…

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