Next characters confirmed to receive Ultimates for Killer Instinct

We hope you’re enjoying the new Ultimates from the Ultimates Ultra Pack!

In case you missed it, Microsoft and Iron Galaxy added their second pack of Ultimate finishers to Killer Instinct’s in-game store menu. Click it and go to the Extras section to find the pack available for download. Like with the first wave of Ultimates, it’s completely free to get.

Here’s an added bonus, though: the developers have purposely dropped some hints in the Command List as to which characters will be getting their Ultimates in their third upcoming pack, which has been dubbed the Ultimate Monster Pack.

Each of their Ultimate packs have followed a theme. The first theme targeted the heroes of KI (Jago, Maya, TJ Combo, Thunder and Tusk) and the second targeted the villains from UltraTech (ARIA, Kilgore, Fulgore, Riptor and Sadira), so it’s quite obvious that their next pack targets a collection of non-human fighters. Of course, there’s plenty of those in the roster and some of them already got their Ultimates, so it was a tad easy to narrow down the search.

After downloading the Ultimates Ultra Pack, I decided to sit down and look through every character’s Command Lists to see who’d be getting their finishers soon. Below is a collection of photos detailing my findings (forgive the subpar quality, my cell phone’s camera is not the greatest).

As you can see from the images, it appears that the following five characters will be featured in the Ultimate Monster Pack coming soon:

  • Glacius
  • Sabrewulf
  • Mira
  • Hisako
  • Aganos

So why only five Ultimates per pack? Because before the release of the first Ultimates pack, it had been announced that other than Shadow Jago, only fifteen characters would be getting these finishers. Ten have claimed them thus far, so only five remain.

The only question is, what Ultimates will these characters get? And when will they be available?

If you’ve downloaded these Ultimates but have no idea how to perform them, complete the following steps (this cannot be done in Training Mode):

  1. Win a match while your character is on their first health bar (Supreme Victory).
  2. Perform your character’s Ultra Combo (inputs vary depending on the character).
  3. While your character is in the animation for their Ultra, quickly press LP+LK to do the Ultimate.

In the case of Shadow Jago, his input is different: while on his first health bar, he performs a QCF – Throw (LP+LK) motion to get his Ultimate, no Ultra required.

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