News for @KillerInstinct at E3 this year?! And Project Scorpio?!

E3 2017 is just around the corner! In fact, it’s coming up in Los Angeles next week, so get your calendars marked if you don’t want to miss out!

E3, or Electronic Entertainment Expo, is the premier event where the video game industry is celebrated once per year. Throughout the course of one of the longest weekends in our lives, we get treated to news about the latest developments for gaming, such as the reveal of new consoles. One such example is the latest addition to the Xbox family…it has been given the label of Project Scorpio.

What is Project Scorpio? Well, you’ll be getting your answers via the Xbox Daily program next Monday, June 12th!

Wait…is that Killer Instinct we see in the trailer?! What could this mean?!

Those who followed our KrossUp and King of the Ring leagues are definitely going to want to tune in to E3 next Monday. Iron Galaxy and Microsoft have expressed that they are heavily focused on Eagle’s addition to the game, so it’s not likely we’ll hear of anything outside of that topic, but hey…E3 is full of surprises so you never know!

Another video surfaced on the Xbox YouTube yesterday that might catch your attention. See the clip below for a discussion regarding the Project Scorpio Xbox Development Kit. For anyone aspiring to enter the industry of game development, this video drops some helpful tidbits.

If you plan to attend E3, you can visit their website to purchase your tickets!

P.S. Players excited for the release of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will get to enjoy a pre-release build of the game if they plan to attend E3 this year! See this article for more information.

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