New Statistical Database, @FGCStats, has launched as of June 22nd

In case you missed it, the FGC happily welcomed the launch of a brand new website that collects information on all tournaments associated with fighting games. The makers of this site strive to present accurate statistics in a manner that is as simplified as possible.

What is the website called?

We at StreamMe have grown very fond of this source, and so we felt that it was only right to make you aware of its existence! So exactly what types of information can you expect to see when gleaning through their archives? It’s simple! They highlight statistics concerning the following:

  • frequency of character usage in the Top 8 of each game

  • statistics of match outcomes for each player
  • number of offline sets played by each competitor

  • a recording of events hosted for each game

You can even visit their global database to see a combination of the stats presented above as well as the teams that sponsor each player! The amount of effort that went into the creation of this website has got to be substantial.

As you can see, the website adheres strictly to facts, making it a convenient bank of information for players who possess an interest in discussing the records of all of our known competitors. They’ve also set aside a page listing all updates applied and there will obviously be more to come, so make sure to follow their Twitter or their updates page to stay informed. Any and all suggestions on how to make FGC stats a more reliable source, or even donations, can be submitted here.

Thus far, records information based on competitive play for Injustice 1, Mortal Kombat X, Street Fighter V and Injustice 2. At this time, it’s not clear if they plan to archive stats from other fighting games such as Tekken 7 or Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2.

As a celebration for their launch, FGCStats is hosting a special giveaway that will cover your registration fee for EVO 2017 at a $85 value! To have any hope of claiming this prize, like and retweet the post below! A lucky winner will be selected on July 1st!

Be sure you’ve got a Paypal ready as it will be how you receive your payout should you luck out.

We wish the team behind all the best!