New Overwatch Map, Horizon Lunar Colony, Lets Players Into More Of Winston’s Story

Good News for all you Overwatch players. Yesterday, Blizzard unveiled a new moon map, Horizon Lunar Colony, that drops next week and it will give the players a “look at where Winston came from.” Take a look below for the devs creation video.

Throughout the video it is clear they really wanted to tell a story. They talk about the different half of the levels and how the lab was thrown into chaos. We get to see that the fallout of the gorilla’s takeover of the facility and how Winston came to leave for Earth.“My favorite maps are the ones that have a strong story hook and a strong character hook, where you can see people’s origins or back stories,” said one of the devs.

Jeff Kaplan added that there were elements from Winston’s Recall short that they wanted to include in the map. So, fans will get to see Winston’s dorm, complete with peanut butter jar, and the observatory.

The Horizon Lunar Colony map goes live on June 20th. This is most likely just to PTR servers and no word as to when they go live for everyone else. Knowing Blizzard it is safe to assume that at least a week will go by before that happens.