New MvCi Circuit Announced – “Battle for the Stones!”

An amazing announcement just surfaced at the pre-launch MvCi party in the Folsom Street Foundry in California! Those who have taken a competitive interest in the game will get the chance to compete in an all-new circuit that features a unique game-changer for all associated tournaments!

Welcome…to “Battle for the Stones!”

How will this work? The six Infinity Stones will be spread out across six offline tournaments. Winning these tournaments grants you not only an Infinity Stone but a spot in a special finale that will take place this December! The six events are as follows:

Here’s where things get interesting: the winner of each of these tournaments will be able to use their prize to actually alter the rules of Battle for the Stones! It’s not clear as to how drastic of an impact this change will cause, but merely the implication is enough to keep players on edge.

Alternatively, players unable to compete at any of the events listed above can participate in up to three online qualifiers (console unspecified but most likely going to be PS4). Each qualifier will award points to the players who place the highest in each bracket.

Once all nine events have come to a close, the six holders of the Infinity Stones will be invited to take part in a special sixteen-man bracket that will conclude the entire series. The other ten spots will be filled by the three highest ranked players from the online qualifiers…and the past seven Evolution champions for Marvel vs Capcom 3! What a plot twist!

The seven EVO champions to be invited to the event are as follows:

Who will be the nine brave souls to rise up and challenge these legends?! We’ll learn the identity of the first challenger this weekend at SoCal Regionals 2017, which is brought to you by LevelUp Productions! Make sure you tune in to witness the first of many brackets for Marvel Infinite!

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