New Gears Of War 4 Free Update Adds New Maps

Most of you have been patiently waiting for the Gears of War 4 March update. The good news it has launched today on Xbox One and Windows 10. The bad (more like unfortunate) news is part of it is for those in the Developer Playlist.  As announced previously, it makes major changes to the Gnasher, two new maps, and a ranked lobby.

First, let us introduce you to the two new maps, which include Diner and Old Town. Diner is definitely a smaller sized map where players will feel the “intense and claustrophobic,” gameplay, developer The Coalition said in a blog post. Even though it is a small map, there is still a sniper spawns and it happens inside the diner. So, teams will likely fight to control this part of the map in particular. Outside, however, ranged combat is key since there is a big, open parking lot. You can take a flythrough in the video below to get a better idea.

The other new map is Old Town, which hopefully fans from the series will remember, as this map is a reimagining of the map of the same name from Gears of War 3. It sports the same layout as the original and features power weapons like the torque bow and sniper. The Coalition has given fans a flythough video for this as well. Take a look.

Diner and Old Town are actually available to Gears of War 4 season pass owners in the game’s Developer Playlist today. Not only that, but they also will receive double XP and 20 percent bonus credits. The maps will join the regular map rotation for all other players starting on March 14th.

The Gears of War 4 March update also introduces ranked lobbies for Core and Competitive playlists, a feature that fans have been asking for, for some time, The Coalition said;

“When matchmaking for any Core or Competitive playlist, you will now be placed into a pre-game lobby complete with map voting, bounty selection, and customization options. If a player quits prior to the match beginning, the pre-game countdown will cancel and continue searching to keep matches balanced.”

Will you be playing on the new maps today or do you have to wait? Let us know on Twitter!


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