New Diesel Street Fighter V Sneaker Collection Announced

If you have been waiting for a set of fresh kicks and you are a big fan of Capcom’s fighter, Street Fighter V, well do we have some good news for you. According to a Twitter posted yesterday from the official Street Fighter page, they teamed up with show company Diesel to make five new pairs based on some popular characters.

Yes, now you can own sneakers based on Chun-Li, Birdie, M. Bison, Nash, and the ever popular, Ryu. Fans can see, or buy, all the designs at Diesel’s website, and down below. While each pair will cost a person 200 bucks, the look is so sweet that it invokes the “Shut up, and take my money” feeling on a deep level.

If you are planning to buy these beauties you may need to act quickly, there is no mention as to when the sales will no longer be available. There was also no mention as to other characters being added to the line. Fans would probably be into an ugly green show with orange stripes to represent Blanka but I bought we will see it. What character shoe will you buy? Would you like to see someone else on the roster? Tell us on our Twitter page.