New Character Powers for Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman

From watching yesterday’s Watchtower stream, we’ve taken notice of the new character powers given to Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman for their Injustice 2 incarnations.

To define, character powers – also referred to as “traits” – are a universal ability with different effects for each character. You activate them simply by pressing 4 (this assumes you are using the default controller configuration). Some traits are vulnerable on start-up but only briefly, while others have more recovery, but once they are active, they can turn the tide of a battle. They regenerate quickly, so you’ll almost always have access to them throughout the entire match.

In the first Injustice game, Harley’s trait was a random selection of various effects. One recovered health, another produced an unblockable launcher and the last one was, well, a dud. Wonder Woman’s, on the other hand, allowed her to switch between a Lasso Stance and a Shield Stance for different movesets. But in Injustice 2, those traits have been replaced by entirely new ones…

In Injustice 2, Harley’s new trait allows her to summon a pair of hyenas named Bud and Lou. They’re basically Marvel assists that cause an instant knockdown upon contact with the opponent. You can call in one hyena at a time, or both at once. Also, by holding up when summoning a hyena, you will cause them to do a pounce attack which hits overhead. Harley recovers instantly when a hyena is called out, meaning that if she times her follow-ups correctly, she could guarantee either blockstrings or a mix-up.

It should also be pointed out that in addition to the return of her initial moveset, Harley has been given new combo strings to play around with. One of them involves using a baseball bat as an ender that knocks the opponent down, dealing decent damage.

Next up is Wonder Woman. Before we get into her trait, we should acknowledge that the movesets from both her Injustice 1 stances have been combined into a core moveset for the character, and new combo strings have been added to her abilities, including a F2 3 launcher (is this a trend for the Injustice 2 cast or something…?) that hits low, but is apparently unsafe since it was described as a high-risk, high-reward option.

As for her trait, it takes a page from the book of Harley’s former character power. Upon activation, a beam of light shines down on Wonder Woman and the color of her trait’s icon changes to reflect a buff that will be chosen at random. There are five buffs associated with this trait:

  • if her trait icon turns purple, attacks including her lasso deal increased damage.
  • if her trait icon turns red, she gains access to her air dash from Injustice 1.
  • if her trait icon turns blue, damage from all her shield attacks is increased. Additionally, her shield toss will negate any projectiles thrown by her opponent.

The other two buffs were never explained on the podcast, so in their case, I am making assumptions based on the parts of her body that glow when she activates the trait.

  • if her trait icon turns yellow, her upper body begins glowing. It is assumed that this increases the damage of her physical attacks, without the use of her sword or shield.
  • if her trait icon turns green, her armbands are enveloped in light. It is assumed that she gains access to her parry ability from the first Injustice game, or if it is in her core moveset, it receives additional benefits when she successfully counters an attack.

Wonder Woman can re-use the trait even if it is already active, but she is left open each time she uses it, so do not get overzealous with this ability.

Fans of both of these returning characters should be pleased with this combination of old and new attacks to play around with! If you intend to get competitive, relearning them will be crucial when Injustice 2 launches on May 16th.

P.S. Their intros were disabled in the version of the game seen on stream so we cannot share them here at this time.

Finally, we’re given an up-close look at one of the new stages coming to the game. Fans of the Arkham games for Batman will have the chance to clash in the front yard of the Arkham Asylum. Such a beautiful design!

During the demonstration, we caught sight of an interesting change: the clock has been changed to 240 seconds and is ticking down faster than usual. This means one of two things: we can change the clock before a match, or the initial 90-second clock has been adjusted to start with a different time and decrease at a faster rate. Hopefully we will learn more about this in the near future.


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