New CEO Named For Team Dignitas

Team Dignitas, the eSports team that was recently acquired by the Philadelphia 76ers, has named their new CEO. They have named Jonathan Kemp and he will oversee all aspects of Team Dignitas including branding, publicity, and competitive and commercial strategies.

Kemp is a former Senior Executive and Board Member at a big named video game publisher, Eidos.  He has a lot of experience in the video game industry and while working at Eidos he was part of the global publishing division and a key member of the management team responsible for publishing some big games in certain franchises such as Hitman and Tomb Raider.

As CEO of Team Dignities however, he will work closely with the team President, Michael O’Dell, and General Manager and Vice President, Michael Slan to support team operations. Kemp stated,

“It is my goal to ensure that we continue to field winning teams and that we work closely with the passionate Team Dignitas fans. I look forward to working with Michael O’Dell and Michael Slan on the team side and collaborating with the Philadelphia 76ers and Greg Richardson on strategy and business operations. With our combination of player and executive talent, a legendary team, and the support, infrastructure and connections of the Philadelphia 76ers and their ownership group, I am confident we will be successful together.”

The 76ers basketball team hasn’t been the only sports team buying controlling share in eSports teams and they certainly aren’t the last. They recently acquired Team Dignitas and Team Apex, marking the first time an ownership group of a North American sports franchise has acquired an eSports team. Under the Team Dignitas banner, they play League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and Smite

“Jonathan’s background is tailor-made for success in eSports,” said Greg Richardson, Chairman of Team Dignitas. Philadelphia 76ers Jake Reynolds, Senior Vice President of Ticket Sales and Service continued, stating,

“In the eSports space, and with a renowned brand like Team Dignitas, we have the opportunity to build an elite team, offer premier exposure for partners seeking a portal into the competitive gaming market and most importantly, amplify engagement and access for our fan base. Jonathan’s experience in game publishing and activating partnerships with major global brands will elevate our partnership offerings in a professional sports ecosystem that is growing at an unprecedented rate.”

Time will only tell how Jonathon Kemp will lead Team Dignitas to further their careers in the eSports world. Continue following coverage right here at


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