New bracket system by @smashgg will reduce rematch scenarios.

Yesterday, Smash.GG’s bracket system underwent a combination of repairs and adjustments that competitive players will want to be aware of. These will especially concern players who sink into Loser’s Bracket early on in the events.

As seen in the image above, you can now opt to decrease the possibility of rematches in either the whole bracket or just the Loser’s side. The updated system will follow new drop-down sequences to carry out this objective.

If you recall, it was announced via Combo Breaker’s Twitter that “three-player advancing pools” would be introduced at their event this year. This system shares in’s goal to cut down on “double jeopardy” scenarios where players would face each other in Winner’s and Loser’s Brackets of a shared pool. Other than Top 32 becoming Top 48 and Top 16 becoming Top 24, it ultimately changes nothing about the event’s bracket system since these changes will still culminate in a Top 8.

In addition to cleaning up holes in their previous bracket system, also seeks to widen the amount of scenarios that can unfold in their brackets while also cutting down on rematches. Of course, if you advance far enough in a bracket, rematches eventually become unavoidable, but nevertheless this update should be pleasing to the eyes of competitors.

The FGC has quickly grown a preference for’s bracket system (fun fact: we use it as well!), so if you happen to be as enthusiastic about fighting games as we are, it will do you some good to catch up on their latest developments. Check out their blog post here!

We’d like to give a major shout-out to the guys at for working so hard to deliver a solid bracket system to competitive gamers! Make sure you follow them at their Twitter account to stay in touch!