New Blizzard Blog Post Teases Next Overwatch Character

Fans in the Overwatch world know another character is on the way to the game, and they are apparently freaking out that it isn’t whom we expect, Doomfist. No instead, Blizzard today seemingly teased the new addition to the roster with a new blog post.

The blog post was written in a mock interview that takes place in the Overwatch universe, we get to learn about 11-year-old Efi Oladele. She’s a gifted little scientist who has experience with robots and other types of AI.

It’s unclear if Efi herself could be the new character, or if she’s somehow related to whomever it might be. The interview may suggest she’ll use money from a grant she received to create a robot that could be the new character. There are also rumors that she is a ‘tag team’ character, with her and a robot, more like a smaller D.Va.

Asked what she’ll do with the money, she says, “Oh… I have an idea…” She then adds, “It’s a secret for now… but my parents are taking me on a trip to celebrate! It’ll be my first time flying, so I can’t wait.”

There’s not yet a date for when the new character will arrive, but stay tuned to StreamMe for the information as it lands here. What do you think the blog post is about? Tweet at us. Do you think its one of the options above or something all new in general.


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