New Arena Coming to Street Fighter V – “Thailand”

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke. Now that we’ve established that, read on! 🙂

Today, the Street Fighter franchise celebrates its 30th anniversary at the WonderCon panel in Anaheim, CA! As a gift to the fans, Capcom has unveiled the next piece of content to be added to their latest iteration, Street Fighter V!

Fans of the classic Street Fighter titles will remember a level based in the country of Thailand, known for having a reclining Buddha statue as a significant landmark. It is home to two of the franchise’s characters, Sagat and Adon. Originally, this stage was made specifically for Sagat in the Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter Alpha series.

Now, Street Fighter V players will get a chance to journey to Thailand in the game’s newest level, set to be released at the end of April!

Unfortunately, there are no gameplay clips available other than Bison’s entrance to the Thailand stage seen above. It’d be understandable if the readers still suspect this to be a prank from Capcom, but that level’s design looks a tad too real for that to be the case. Not to mention that we hadn’t seen any new stages since Akuma was introduced in Season 2.

Of course, Thailand’s return to the franchise begs the question: “Where are Sagat and Adon?!”

While you ponder over that, Capcom has also announced new costumes for Ryu, Chun-Li and Juri, with more information coming soon. See below!

Particularly intriguing design choices seen here, don’t you think? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter!

As a reminder, Capcom’s PC Beta for the Capcom Fighters Network is still ongoing! Should you happen to be a PC player, consider downloading it for free! The beta also features a glimpse at the balance changes to be introduced in a patch later this month – more on that here.

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