Neslo Goes on Indefinite Hiatus

Call of Duty legend and original Team Kaliber member Jeremy “Neslo” Olsen has put his career on hold to go on a competitive hiatus, the player announced via TwitLonger.

The message to his fans was one that was short and sweet, not bothering to provide any details that led up to such an important decision. Neslo explained that his choice to step away from professional Call of Duty was one that he had been quarreling with for a while now and feels that now is the “perfect” time to do so. Whether this is due to the current Call of Duty installment not fitting his playstyle, or because Echo Fox has been performing poorly as of late, was left unsaid.

“I’ve been thinking about retirement and stepping back for months now, and I think now is the perfect time,” wrote Neslo, “Will I be back for BOTG? Very possible.”

Neslo is nothing less than a seasoned competitive gamer. He has been playing video games on a competitive level since he was eleven years old over a variety of titles, including Counter-Strike 1.6, FIFA, Quake, and Halo Reach. However, his major debut was with Call of Duty: Black Ops II when he formed Team Kaliber with several YouTubers that were known for their Call of Duty gameplay. The team made waves and swiftly established themselves as a dominant force in the scene, but began to struggle soon after their rise to stardom; Neslo then left to search for new options. Unfortunately, Neslo never found a home with any particular team, moving from one to another as he struggled to adapt to the ever-changing meta with every new Call of Duty Release, returning to Team Kaliber on a number of occasions. He eventually joined his current organization, Echo Fox, in May of last year as both team captain and general manager, but the team has yet to find their footing to place in a major event.

Neslo assured fans that he will not be disappearing entirely, as he will be streaming and working on content creation for Echo Fox.

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