MnT Letalis wins KrossUp Week 3!

Week 3 of our KrossUp circuit has concluded with a thunderous bang! For the first two weeks, Ultra Arcade’s players have planted their flag upon our territory, but that flag has been uprooted by a new threat. Read on for results!

F3 Sleep takes on HW DaaChronicle using a myriad of characters, starting with his Arbiter against Shadow Jago. Their game of cat and mouse involves a Double K.O. that costs both players their first health bars. Sleep’s reliance on the command grabs costs him the match despite DaaChronicle’s Counter Breaker almost backfiring on him. Unwilling to relent in the zoning battle, Sleep busts out Kilgore, whose tools render DaaChronicle completely incapable of using any means to approach or counter-zone. DaaChronicle responds with a counter-pick of his own: Gargos, a character who also shares a spot in Sleep’s roster. The chat immediately criticized this counter-pick, saying that Kilgore’s air gunshot game would lock Gargos in place, but DaaChronicle proves them wrong with a savage Counter Breaker that completely destroys Sleep’s composure in the third game. Down 1-2, Sleep switches to Maya and matches him Counter Breaker for Counter Breaker until DaaChronicle finally relents on them. Sleep punishes Gargos’s divebomb with well-executed trip guards, and he also pins down the Shadow Lord with repeated sweeps to abuse the weakness to his Instinct. These adjustments enable Sleep to complete a comeback sequence to win 3-2 over DaaChronicle!

HW Zipstar (Omen) and Mike N Ike 25 (Thunder) continue the quarterfinals with a high-speed race towards glory. Mike takes a commanding lead with a corner game so suffocating, Zipstar doesn’t force his way out until near the end of the first match. The damage he’d sustained before his escape proves to be too costly, and so Mike takes his first win. In Game 2, Zipstar punishes his rapid-fire wake-ups to even up the score, while abusing meter for his Shadow Escape to frustrate the Thunder specialist. After a rough start in the third game, Zipstar evens up the life bars with a courageous Counter Breaker, only for Mike to respond with his own when Zipstar becomes frustrated with the Flip-Outs and tries to break out of one of them. Zipstar is quickly forced to his last pixel in the final game while Mike holds over half his first life bar, but a careless Shadow Triplax allows him a chance to bring it back. As a myriad of randomized fireballs floods the screen, Mike is frozen in place until his Instinct comes into play. Instantly Zipstar tries to retreat, but his backwards jump is tagged by a DP, which snuffs out his pixel of life. Mike advances to semifinals with a well-earned 3-1 victory!

Raven is Raw has placed within the Top 4 in the past two weeks, and so he returns hoping to not only defend the streak but to win the whole thing. However, newcomer MnT Letalis stomps onto the scene looking to leave an impact on the KrossUp participants. Raven nimbly dodges and punishes all of Letalis’s grabs to earn a quick first win, only to be pinned to the walls generated by Aganos’s chunk system. Coupled with the use of his sweep, Letalis slows the raven to a screeching halt, allowing him the opportunity to toss him over and over until his health is gone. Raven begins to realize that Letalis will not allow him any means to retreat from the fight, so he tries to initiate a rushdown game instead, a measure that is easily countered by the armor coating Aganos and Letalis’s exceptional reactions. Reactive punishes to Spinal’s Shadow Skeleport seal the deal for Letalis, who takes it 3-1 over Raven!

UA Wheels, originally our Week 2 champion, takes on Sickle, who comes fresh off a Top 8 finish at Kumite in Tenneseee 2017. His Tusk returns to deflect all of Sickle’s attacks right back at him while keeping him cornered, but Sickle simply shoulders his way out and scores a 53% lockout combo that puts Wheels on edge. Unable to reclaim control, Wheels sustains his first loss and decides to go to Jago to change things around. Sickle assaults him with Shatters from full-screen while covering his advance with the hail, but once Wheels find his way in, he subjects the ice alien to an onslaught of mid-combo resets that eventually take their toll on the ice alien. In Game 3, Dayton becomes so reckless with his jump-ins that he puts himself in the corner twice, and Sickle is quick to slap him on the wrist for it, burning all of his meter to deliver a heavily damaging combo. Another Shatter closes out Game 3 for Sickle, forcing Wheels to fall back to his Tusk for one last effort. Sickle is taken aback by Wheels’s baits and well-timed deflects carrying him from one side of the screen to another. The set crawls to a tie at two wins apiece as both players constantly bulldoze one another with relentless offense, but Sickle breaks the stalemate with one last hail set-up that Wheels fails to block against. Sickle eliminates Wheels 3-2 to proceed to semifinals!

As MnT Letalis prepares to face off against F3 Sleep, he must contend with a match-up that apparently gives him nightmares – Kilgore vs. Aganos. With little to no recovery for Kilgore’s zoning, Letalis is forced to slowly walk his way into attacking range, while miraculously jumping over missiles despite his enormous hitbox. The viewers are amazed to see Letalis taking two wins while weathering down what had to be thousands of missiles that polluted the whole screen. However, Kilgore’s zoning finally takes its toll allowing Sleep to tie up the set 2-2. In a desperate attempt to stop a reverse 3-0, Letalis switches to his Omen, but is still pinned down by Sleep’s relentless zoning until he begins staggering his air dash with quick retreats to avoid Sleep’s anti-airs. Letalis’s exceptional defense actually rewards him with a rapid build-up for his Shadow Meter, a development that comes back to haunt Sleep. Letalis finally traps him in the corner to begin a sequence fueled by his treasure trove of meter. Sleep resorts to grabbing to stop the offense, only to be baited by Shadow Escapes. The overwhelmed EVO champion finally lands a Combo Breaker and tries hastily to assert his zoning again, but Letalis responds with a Shadow Slide that leads straight into an Ultra! Aganos and Omen players rejoice as their champion MnT Letalis advances to Grand Finals!

While the viewers struggle to recover from the shock over Letalis’s comeback, Mike N Ike 25 (Thunder) is forced to confront a nightmare match-up of his own as he takes on Sickle (Glacius). Mike starts the first game with a successful air-to-air, but is quickly repelled by a Medium Combo Breaker. Afterwards, his valiant efforts to close the distance again are to no avail, and Sickle takes his first win. With no options to punish Sickle’s cancels off the Ice Lance, Mike is forced to endure one set-up after another, while Sickle constantly disrespects the Flip-Outs with a combination of Puddle Punches and Liquidizes. Mike is not forced to hold the Shadow Hail after Glacius’s DP, however, as he abuses the gap with his own DP to interrupt his opponent, but then Glacius’s Instinct comes back into the equation, resulting in a trade that favors Sickle. The final game is best described as a chase where Sickle is constantly a mile ahead of the Thunder specialist, who tries desperately to tag his opponent only for his whiffs to be punished. Sickle takes the set with a clean 3-0 to meet with MnT Letalis in Grand Finals!

Not five seconds into Grand Finals and Letalis is already pressuring Sickle with constant pokes. The ice alien is pushed back and eventually launched by a Shadow Payload Assault which allows Letalis a free wall summon. Sickle manages to break the combo only for Letalis to pick it right back up and punch him through a wall to subject the alien to a world of pain. When a desperate Shadow Cold Shoulder goes awry for Sickle, he switches to Kim Wu to take advantage of her parry which supplies him with Dragon Counters in the process. Sickle plays an effective footsie game to hack away at Aganos’s armor as well as destroy his walls, but just as quickly as they go, Letalis regenerates them again. A Shadow Dragon Kick fails to tag Letalis’s cross-up, so Sickle spends a Dragon Counter to close the distance again, but the resulting trades end with Kim Wu flying through a wall, resulting in Sickle’s second loss. With Letalis on set point, Sickle returns to his Glacius and carries his enormous opponent all the way across the screen to apply his own corner game, only for a mis-timed follow-up to be punished by a reversal grab. When Sickle cancels his DP into a Shadow Hail, Letalis responds with a Shadow Ruin that sends him flying through yet another wall. The damage takes its toll on Sickle, who pops Instinct and tries desperately to whittle away at Aganos’s armor only to be punished by heavy kicks which completely ignore his own armor.

After enduring a tiring battle against F3 Sleep, MnT Letalis sweeps through Grand Finals to become our Week 3 KrossUp champion! We extend our congratulations to him!

Tournament Placings and Prizes

1st Place: MnT Letalis
Winnings: $150 and 75 league points

2nd Place: Sickle
Winnings: $100 and 50 league points

3rd/4th Place: Mike N Ike 25
Winnings: $50 and 25 league points

3rd/4th Place: F3 Sleep
Winnings: $50 and 25 league points

5th Place: Raven is Raw
Winnings: 10 league points

5th Place: HW DaaChronicle
Winnings: 10 league points

5th Place: HW Zipstar
Winnings: 10 league points

5th Place: UA Wheels
Winnings: 10 league points

Match Log


HW DaaChronicle (Shadow Jago and Gargos): 2 vs. F3 Sleep (Arbiter, Kilgore and Maya): 3

HW Zipstar (Omen): 1 vs. Mike N Ike 25 (Thunder): 3

MnT Letalis (Aganos): 3 vs. Raven is Raw (Spinal): 1

UA Wheels (Tusk and Jago): 2 vs. Sickle (Glacius): 3


MnT Letalis (Aganos and Omen): 3 vs. F3 Sleep (Kilgore): 2

Mike N Ike 25 (Thunder): 0 vs. Sickle (Glacius): 3

-Grand Finals-

MnT Letalis (Aganos): 3 vs. Sickle (Glacius and Kim Wu): 0

So many new characters saw their debut in our third KrossUp finals. We are thankful to the players for this awesome display! We’ll return next Saturday to bring you our fourth weekly bracket, so if you want to try your hand at some competitive Killer Instinct, you can head over to this page to sign up!

Letalis’s victory in Week 3 has instantly propelled him to a two-way tie with F3 Sleep for third place in the KrossUp rankings. Player standings have been updated and can be reviewed here.

Missed out and want to catch up? Our archive is available, so check it out! It will eventually be uploaded to our YouTube as well.

Thanks go out to Mr Aquaman and JagoBlake for casting the event! It is our goal to ensure that your experience in our tournaments is exceptional. All feedback is welcome!

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