MLG Overwatch Vegas Finals Roundup

Team EnVyUs is now the team to beat, if you are an Overwatch team. They sit on top with two back-to-back Overwatch championships in both APEX in South Korea and now MLG Vegas. Some fans may think it is because after the induction of Pongphop “Mickie” Rattanasangohod into the lineup almost all of their games were one-sided stomp-arounds. However, the whole of EnVyUS’ team were huge powerhouses and just as crucial. Below you can see the Grand Final VOD but, first, let’s give you a short rundown of the finals.

The first semifinals match on Sunday was EnVyUS coming up against Cloud9. Jonathan “harryhook” Tejedor Rua really was a shining example on what an excellent DPS player can do. This was of course, once Mickie joined the team. Formerly, Harryhook was a Lucio superstar, but the world got to see what he was truly made of on Sunday by his precise accuracy on hitscan heroes like Soldier 76. The teamwork was precise and they cleared through Cloud9, besting them in a clean 3-0 victory. It was a short easy walk for EnVyUS as they advanced to the finals where they would face off against FaZe Clan.

Unfortunately for FaZe, to make it to the finals, they had to take on Fnatic first. This was no walk in the park. It was one of the closest, if not the closest, matches at MLG Vegas. The match went all five games. FaZe Clan almost didn’t make it out alive when Fnatic led the series 2-1. But on both Watchpoint: Gibraltar and Nepal, FaZe Clan executed amazing comebacks from the brink of defeat. Fnatic tried everything to secure their victory, even with Hafthor “Hafficool” Hakonarson playing his up-close-and-personal style with Pharah. This could have been the key to their success, but FaZe Clan was able to identify the issue and was able to adapt. For one, both George “ShaDowBurn” Guschcha and Jared “zombs” Gitlin adopted the Pharah Barrage and Zarya Graviton Surge combo for themselves and laid waste to Fnatic’s roster for a 3-2 victory.

After this close and what must have been a tiresome ordeal for a victory, FaZe went into the finals to face off against the powerhouse Team EnVyUs. As you might have guessed their confidence was completely smashed to bits as they were utterly swept in a record time for a best-of-seven set. Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Nepal, Hollywood, and Anubis were Faze’s graveyards. Although FaZe started off ok, not winning but holding their own in Watchpoint: Gibraltar, the real fall came right after in Nepal. This is where FaZe Clan’s heart faltered and they lost sight of ever regaining any kind of momentum. They approached the control point on Shrine with FaZe’s Russel “FCTFCTN” Campbell was in out front with a well placed Reinhardt, protecting the rest of his team, but then Sebastian “chipshajen” Widlund snuck around to us Ana’s Sleep Dart on FCTFCTN’s Reinhardt. The moment he fell to the floor, Christian “cocco” Jonsson landed a four-man Earthshatter (his Reinhardt’s Ult) which left FaZe Clan completely vulnerable and unable to do anything. After two more matches, FaZe Clan were completely destroyed 4-0 by EnVyUs who claim their second major title in a row, and a clear spot at the top of the competitive Overwatch scene. You can watch the whole thing below.

Not only did they win the MLG Vegas championship, but they were undefeated all weekend. What is to come for them? Will anyone take them down? Give your tweets and tell us what your think.

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