Millenium Picks Up Call of Duty Roster

French-based eSports organization Millenium have acquired a new Call of Duty roster, the organization announced Wednesday morning.

Both Maxime “mAxxie” Ebran and Eddy “Malls” Maillard come from Supremacy, which they announced their departure from on Tuesday. Malls entered the Call of Duty scene in September of 2014 with Ascentia Gaming before leaving for FaZe France in April, while mAxxie has had a much more convoluted team history that put him on mythiX eSports’ lineup on several occasions as he bounced between teams such as Supremacy and Fnatic.

Millenium’s team captain is no stranger to the organization, however. Ryan “ZeeK” Lapierre joined Millenium approximately a year ago before being moved to their sister team, Millenium Hope, which he has remained a part of until today’s announcement.

Cédric “TonyJ” Ruault joins Millenium after a brief reprieve from professional gaming, as he has not been a part of a starting lineup since taking his leave from PuLse Gaming in August.

Millenium has been an active part of the Call of Duty scene since the Black Ops II season in 2013 with relatively successful results. During Ghosts and Advanced Warfare fans watched them place in top four frequently, taking first place at Gfinity Pro League Season 2 Premiership Division and both EGO AW 1 and 3, but their successful streak began to falter in May of 2016. After spending the first half of the Black Ops III season placing 3rd-4th at EGL Open London 2016, 1st at the 2016 EU CWL Stage 1 Playoffs and 2nd at owayo Masters, Millenium’s lineup found themselves struggling to make it past the 5th-8th bracket. September and October saw the departure of three of the team’s members as they pursued new opportunities, though it is still currently unknown as to what will happen to Callum “Swanny” Swan. Swanny has been radio silent since the announcement that he would not compete in the Call of Duty World League Championship due to reasons left unsaid.

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