Menat joins Street Fighter V tomorrow on August 29th!

Yesterday at the Esports Festival in Hong Kong, Capcom brought SFV Season 2’s fifth cast member out of the shadows – the fortune teller known as Menat, whom you may recall seeing from Ed’s character story segment.

Players who’d previously experienced the Street Fighter 4 series may find themselves drawing comparisons between Menat and Rose, a character with a similar gameplay design. Her strategy revolves around the use of her crystal sphere, which can be used to strengthen her space control and disrupt the opponent’s offense.

You can check out her gameplay trailer in the Twitter post above or visit the Capcom Unity blog for a full breakdown on her skillset. Otherwise, read on to learn about how Menat utilizes the V-system as well as her Critical Art.

V-Skill – Soul Reflect – Kamal

When timed appropriately, it will either reflect the opponent’s projectile attack back at him/her or absorb it to increase her V-gauge. Should the reflected attack connect with the opponent, they will be launched for a follow-up. To use the V-skill, simply press both Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously.

V-Trigger – Wisdom of Thoth

Menat’s V-Trigger summons a total of six spheres, each of which floats around her body. Pressing a normal attack corresponding to each sphere will send it flying at your opponent. Each sphere is assigned to one attack input. To use the V-trigger, input both Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously.

Critical Art – The Nefertem

At a cost of all three of her stocks of meter, Menat connects her soul power with her opponent in order to inflict devastating damage. Input for the Critical Art has not been specified.

Menat joins the SFV roster tomorrow. Online features for the game will be disabled temporarily in order to allow Capcom time to add the new character into the game. Also included will be her Story Costumes and Battle Costumes, along with a closet full of outfits for specific characters that celebrate the franchise’s 30th anniversary.

Speaking of the 30th anniversary, Capcom is launching a special bonus for those who log into the game between August 29th and September 5th to celebrate the occasion. Should you boot up the game in that time period, you’ll immediately receive 30,000 Fight Money, which can be used to unlock additional content such as characters, player cards, stages and so on!

As a reminder, purchasing the Season 2 Character Pass grants you access to every character that is released throughout the season. Otherwise, unlocking Menat costs 100,000 Fight Money (in-game currency) or $5.99 via the PSN Store or Steam.

PSN Store – Season 2 Character Pass
Steam (PC) – Season 2 Character Pass

Are you hyped to play as Menat?! When she becomes available tomorrow, play her and then tell us your thoughts on Twitter!

Thus far, Menat joins the following list of characters introduced in Season 2:

  • Akuma
  • Kolin
  • Ed
  • Abigail

Like with Season 1, the second season will include up to six fighters. Five have been revealed so far…so naturally, this begs the question: who will be the final character?!

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