Melee to Appear at 6 DreamHacks, Smash 4 to Appear at 4

DreamHack has announced that they will be expanding their Smash Championship to six events this year, as well as adding Super Smash Bros. for Wii U to the official lineup. What makes it even better is that the total prize pool comes out to $100,000 USD!

Super Smash Bros. Melee will be showcased at six different DreamHack events, with Smash 4 set to run at only the four events that will be appearing in the States. Each event will have a prize pool of $10,000 USD set aside for both titles, for a grand total of $100,000 being awarded throughout the entire DreamHack Smash Championship circuit. The full schedule for the series is as follows:

Event Dates Smash Melee? Smash 4?
DreamHack Austin April 28 – 30 Yes Yes
DreamHack Summer June 17 – 19 Yes No
DreamHack Atlanta July 21 – 23 Yes Yes
DreamHack Montreal September 8 – 10 Yes Yes
DreamHack Denver October 20 – 22 Yes Yes
DreamHack Winter November 30 – December 2 Yes No

As you may have already guessed, some of the dates set for certain DreamHacks bode ill tidings for dedicated Smashers. DreamHack Summer takes place on the same weekend as CEO Dreamland, which will be based in Orlando, Florida, and DreamHack Denver conflicts with the preestablished schedule for 2GGC. It’s an unfortunate coincidence for competitors that may have been hoping to hit all of the major stops the Smash scene has to offer, as they will now be forced to choose between familiar events, and treading new grounds.

As for the breakdown of the $10,000 awarded at each DreamHack, every tournament will have the following payout:

Place Money Awarded
1st $4,700
2nd $2,000
3rd $1,000
4th $700
5th/6th $500
7th/8th $300

As the 2GG Championship Series boasts a $100,000 USD prize pool in itself, and cEO 2016 offered nearly $10,000 and $7,000 to the first place winners of Melee and Smash 4 respectively, it’s likely that pros’ decisions to appear at certain events could come down to a matter of money.

As with virtually every Smash tournament out there, the events will all be open. Those interested in participating will need to head over to DreamHack Austin’s registration has already gone live but, if you are interested in competing outside of Austin, future events have yet to launch their registration pages.

This is not the first expansion DreamHack has revealed, recently. In just December, DreamHack announced that they would be hosting two Halo events in 2017 in partnership with ESL after sharing plans to expand through the United States with four stateside events.

With CEO’s Alex Jebailey recently revealing plans for an all-Smash version of CEO back in November, CEO Dreamland, it truly feels like 2017 will be the year that launches the competitive Smash scene forward. Smash has always been a scene that, while maintaining a passionate fanbase, struggled to prove themselves as one of the top contenders of eSports. Despite being one of the most viewed titles in the FGC, on par with fighting game superstar title Street Fighter V, several professional Smashers struggle to make ends meet on just the merits of their competitive spirit, often holding full-time jobs outside of Smash.

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