Master Rank Chun-Li Player sponsored for EVO by @LiquidNuckleDu

One week ago, Liquid Nuckledu emerged victorious at the SFV National Finals for Northern Fights, which featured a series of qualifiers sponsored by Cineplex and World Gaming. His winnings consisted of $10,000 as well as a free trip to Evolution 2017, which is just around the corner – in fact, it’s happening next weekend.

However, as indicated in Nuckledu’s Twitter post above, his journey to EVO was already set in stone thanks to his sponsor at Team Liquid. What need would he have for a second trip? However, he and Liquid agreed to use his prizes to sponsor another competitor.

So who did he sponsor? An online Chun-Lu player from the country of Japan who boasts a Master rank, which is the highest possible rank one can attain in Street Fighter V’s ranked match system…YamadaTaro!

This decision has been met with approval from a large fraction of Liquid’s followers in the FGC as it demonstrates another example of the community’s online and offline scenes coming together for the sake of supporting those who play their game. Yamada has proven his worth online and we suspect that he’s eager to do likewise offline, and where better to make his first attempt than the event that the FGC celebrates as its annual championship?!

If you have yet to see YamadaTaro’s gameplay, check out this clip from RektScrub’s YouTube page to get an idea of what to expect from him next weekend.

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