MarvelGaming interviews Splyce @fchampryan about MvC Infinite

As the FGC is aware, a pre-release build for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite made an appearance at E3 2017 last month. A handful of veteran players from Ultimate MvC 3, the game’s current installation, that happened to be attending E3 immediately flocked to the build. They’ve had nothing but praise for the game inside and outside of their testing sessions.

Bear in mind that Infinite is still in its infant stages, meaning that the game is still subject to changes while in development. That said, the Marvel community’s hopes for a worthy sequel have never been higher.

Whilst at E3, MarvelGaming approached Splyce’s Ryan “Fchamp” Ramirez to get his thoughts on Marvel Infinite in its current form. The interview can be seen in the Twitter post above. It’s a pretty short one but still worth a look.

Three things to keep in mind! The first is that there’s currently a demo for Marvel’s story mode available for download on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. You can grab it now to get a feel for your favorite character’s skills in the newest installation for the MvC franchise or simply enjoy a taste of the game’s expansive story mode.

Secondly, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 comes to Evolution 2017 for one final hurrah before it yields the spotlight to its successor. The tournament takes place next weekend in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay and will be the leading title for their Sunday finals. Of the nine games to make it to the lineup, Marvel comes in seventh with 648 entrants.

And here’s the best part…want to get a feel for Marvel Infinite in a competitive setting?! The game will have a versus build available at EVO next weekend – see this post for details!

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