Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will be released on September 19, 2017!

Today is a big day for FGC news, especially if you’ve been anticipating the release date for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite!

That information is finally known. According to this awesome new trailer you can watch via the Twitter post below, the Marvel scene will be making the switch to a new universe on September 19, 2017!

Frankly, this trailer looks amazing. Even non-Marvel players like myself are growing eager to give this game a look when it arrives.

Pre-order now to enjoy a Deluxe Edition with access to six DLC characters and six premium costumes! We’re even given a sneak peek to one such character we can expect to be among the first wave of DLC – Sigma!

Additionally, should you choose to pre-order the Collector’s Edition in North America, you can enjoy four detailed statues of four MvC fighters – Chun-Li, Mega Man, Captain Marvel and Iron Man. You’ll also get to check out some LED-fueled Infinity Stone replicas, which are important because based on past recollections, these stones (the in-game stones, not the replicas) may become integral to gameplay.

For more information on Marvel vs Capcom, follow this blog and the Marvel vs Capcom Twitter page.