Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will be playable at @E3 and @CEOGaming 2017

Alex Jebailey, founder and chief officer of Community Effort Orlando and all events tied to it, made a brief appearance on the Capcom Fighters stream at Combo Breaker for an awesome announcement.

Those┬áplanning to attend either E3 2017 or CEO 2017 will get an opportunity to play a pre-release version of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, regardless of whether you are a spectator or a competitor! It was never clarified as to what console the pre-release version would be featured on, but given Capcom’s recent preference for the Playstation console, we have a pretty good idea of what it will be.

What is E3? Once per year, the video game industry floods the Los Angeles Convention Center to celebrate new games and home consoles. For an entire weekend, guests will be able to connect with those responsible for bringing their favorite franchises to life. E3 is not just a destination, but also the start of an exciting journey for fans worldwide. The event takes place on June 13-15, 2017.

With Jebailey’s announcement about Marvel, it’s safe to assume that Capcom’s American branch will be present at E3 to witness fans testing out MvCI! If you’re considering checking it out, visit their website to purchase your ticket!

As for CEO 2017, it’s a yearly major that celebrates the fighting game genre with thousands of players worldwide at the Wyndham Resort in Florida. However, Jebailey and his team plan to relocate the event to Daytona Beach next year at the Ocean Center (more on that here), but any other events related to CEO will continue to be held in Orlando. Like Combo Breaker, it’s another of the FGC’s most cherished events to attend in the summer, and also the one that precedes EVO, the FGC’s annual championship event.

Registration numbers for CEO have yet to be shared, but one detail that surfaced is that players from forty-two states in the USA, as well as players from twenty-one countries, will be present at CEO to bring their A-game. Consider that a foreshadowing of the numbers we’re hoping to see when registration closes – and speaking of which, you can still register for CEO at their Smash.GG page until June 4th.

CEO is set to take place immediately after E3…June 16-18, to be precise. We highly recommend taking the time to attend and enjoy yourself!

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is set to launch on Playstation 4, PC and Xbox One simultaneously on September 19, 2017. You can pre-order a standard or deluxe edition now at their official website here to get access to exclusive content, including in-game character skins and awesome action figures.

Many characters from Ultimate MvC3 are expected to make a return, including Rocket Raccoon – as confirmed in the trailer below. We’re also excited to see new fighters joining the roster this September!

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