Mark Your Calendars for The International 2017!

After an almost painfully long wait, the dates for the main event of The International 2017 have been announced by Valve to be August 7th – 12th.

Set to run in the Key Arena for the fourth year in a row, The International 2017 will feature Dota 2’s most elite teams as they compete for the title of world champion. Previously, fans speculated that the location for this year’s monumental event would change due to recent travel ban concerns, when Gabe Newell and Erik Johnson noted the possibility of moving TI7 outside of the US. However, it was indirectly confirmed earlier this month that the tournament will remain in Seattle.

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Tickets will go live on April 4th at 10 AM and 10 PM PDT, with different types of tickets being available. The Midweek ticket will grant attendees access to the first four days of The International 2017 for $100 USD. The appropriately named Finals ticket, running at $200, will allow fans to watch the final two days of the tournament in the stadium. Tickets are limited to 5 of each type per household and there will be no VIP packages this year.

Those who can only acquire a Midweek ticket, but still wish for a better viewing experience than what will be available through online streaming, are encouraged to watch the finals in the free outdoor viewing area at KeyArena.

One of the major selling points of The International, other than the level of prestige that comes with being the biggest Dota 2 event of the year, is the crowdfunded prize pool, which always reaches astronomical numbers through selling in-game items like compendiums. This year’s prize pool will strive to surpass 2016’s approximately $20,700,000 prize pool. Last year, Wings Gaming claimed over $9,000,000 USD as the third Chinese team to champion The International after an intense grand finals against Digital Chaos, who bumped TI5’s winners from the running in the Lower Bracket Finals.

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