Lust to Remain Teamless While His Mother Recovers from Illness

As Longzhu Gaming releases five players and both of their coaches from their abnormally large League of Legends roster, Ham “Lust” Jang-sik has revealed that he plans to hold off on joining a new team so he can care for his mother.

Just a week prior to the announcement, Lust posted to Twitter that he had just found out that has mother has been suffering from a serious illness that required surgery and multiple hospital visits. While he claims that his mother’s health has improved since her surgery, he would rather focus his attention on helping her make a full recovery, rather than immediately join a new organization.

“Opportunities are open, but I’m not working for months,” wrote Lust.

The former member of Team SoloMid continued in part by stating that he is still working alongside Longzhu to find a new coach to fill the role he will be leaving empty. Afterwards he is considering a part-time coaching position. Otherwise, Lust is considering returning to the scene after vacationing with his mother. Until then, he will continue livestreaming on his personal channel.


Image Source: Damian Estrada Flickr

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