Lucky Unable to Attend Smash Events Due to Injury

An unlikely story due to his tag, Joey “Lucky” Aldama has announced that he will be unable to compete in any Super Smash Bros. events until 2017 due to an injury received while with friends.

According to a TwitLonger post penned by Lucky, he was out late with his mates when he chose to sprint across a dark street as opposed to using a crosswalk. Due to not wearing his glasses and the assumed lack of street lamps, Lucky tripped over a median, breaking his right knee and dislocating his left elbow in a manner that required immediate surgery.

The damage to his leg mandated that Lucky miss out on Smash the Record, and he says that he will, “Definitely be passing on all the rest of November and December tournaments.” At present, he says that his participation in GENESIS 4, which is slated for January 20th-22nd, is up in the air.

“My leg needs time to get stronger and traveling is not a good idea,” said Lucky, “Plus with all these hospital bills I need to focus on being home for a bit.

The Fox main most recently took third place at Olympus, and first at Project CLASH 14 before that. This will be the first time since 2013 that Lucky has taken more than a month-long break from competitive Melee.

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