League of Legends Worlds Venues Investigating Credit Card Fraud

The Madison Square Garden Company has released a statement confirming that they have been made aware of a compromise of customer payment information over an approximate eleven-months, spanning several locations, and that the Secret Service is currently investigating the breach.

“After MSG was notified that payment card issuing banks identified a transaction pattern indicating a potential data security concern, MSG immediately commenced an investigation and engaged leading computer security firms to examine its network. In the last week of October 2016, as soon as the investigation found signs of external unauthorized access, MSG worked with the security firms to stop it and to implement enhanced security measures.”

League of Legends held their World Championship quarter and semifinals at two of the locations listed, which were:

The Chicago Theatre
Theater at Madison Square Garden
Madison Square Garden
Radio City Music Hall
Beacon Theatre

The breach took place from November 9th, 2015, to October 24th, 2016, and the press release stated that any information contained on customers’ credit cards that were swiped at the aforementioned locations could be compromised. This includes credit card numbers, cardholder names, internal verification codes, and expiration dates. However, The Madison Square Garden Company stressed that not all swiped cards were affected by the compromise and that purchases made at the box offices or online were not included in the breach; the affected cards were ones that were used to make purchases in merchandise stores and at concession stands.

MSG ended off their press release by assuring customers that they will be working with computer security firms to build a stronger security network for their systems to prevent a similar incident from occurring in the future. For those who have questions regarding the incident, MSG encourages that calls be made to 844-319-9619 from 9am to 9pm EST Monday-Friday. Those who suspect that their card information may have been compromised should contact the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-438-4338, or the Attorney General’s office in their state.

The League of Legends quarter and semifinals took place at The Chicago Theatre on October 13th-16th and at Madison Square Garden on October 21st-22nd respectively.

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