League of Legends World Championship Brackets Confirmed

The Quarterfinals match-ups for the League of Legends World Championship have been drawn and ready for your viewing pleasure. The tournament will be pitting eight teams against one another beginning this Thursday (October 13th) at the Chicago Theatre in Chicago, IL.

Teams in the Quarterfinals

South Korea

  • SK Telecom T1
  • ROX Tigers
  • Samsung Galaxy


  • EDward Gaming
  • Royal Never Give Up

North America

  • Cloud9


  • H2K

Russia (wildcard)

  • Albus Nox Luna

The tweet above outlines exactly how the quarter finals will work out. Thursday’s match will be between Samsung Galaxy and Cloud9. Friday will match up SK Telecom T1 with Royal Never Give Up. Saturday will have ROX Tigers against EDward Gaming. And finally  on Sunday,  H2K Gaming will battle against the wildcard team, Albus Nox Luna.

Who is going to be your favorite? Tell us who you are rooting for in the comments below.


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