Livestream event with Netherrealm Studios at #PAXWest2017 on September 2nd

Netherrealm Studios is already scheduled to reveal their second DLC Fighter Pack at Gamescom on August 23rd (more on that here), but today we’ve learned that they’ll also stop by PAX West 2017 on September 2nd for a special livestream event. The Twitter post that confirms their announcement can be found at the InjusticeGame account.

Details on their livestream event have not been disclosed but will eventually be revealed.

PAX West occurs in Seattle, Washington on September 1-4 at the Washington State Convention Center. Originally founded by the Penny Arcade in 2004, PAX brings a collection of events to different destinations across the United States and Australia in order to celebrate the gaming genre. These locations are:

  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • San Antonio, Texas

Since we now know that news regarding Injustice 2 are expected to drop at PAX West, it seems possible that we may get some neat surprises for other fighting game titles. If you’ve got some time to kill, consider purchasing your ticket and making travel plans. For more information on PAX West, visit their website.

For those who follow Street Fighter V, GEICO Gaming has partnered with ELEAGUE to host the GEICO ELEAGUE Amateur Series. Up to three qualifiers were conducted in order to determine the sixteen players that will be flown out to PAX West, where they will compete for a portion of a $20,000 prize pool. Hotel rooms and travel plans for the participants will be accounted for.

We also have another update regarding Gamescom: PND Ketchup and PND Mustard will be flown out to the event in order to commentate a celebrity charity competition that will be played out by Don Diablo and Steve Aoki, two of the music industry’s most notable performers. Congratulations to these two for such a huge opportunity!

We’ll be watching these events closely for developments. Follow our blog and our Twitter to stay updated!

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