KrossUp Rankings Update: Who Can Qualify For Season Finale?

With the final week of KrossUp set to happen tomorrow evening, we’d like to take a moment to review the rankings and indicate the players that have a chance to make it into the Season Finale.

As indicated in the image above, three players have been locked in for the finale regardless of what happens in Week 8: UA Bass, UA Wheels and F3 Sleep. With how the rankings currently stand, 130 is the magic number…meaning that for a large fraction of the players who have competed in KrossUp, they must have that many points to have a chance of making it into the final leg of the series.

Of the current Top 8, the players sitting at 4th through 8th could still be gate-kept from the finale. Ectopic Illusion is sitting in the safest position, however, as he currently holds 120 league points in his name. To completely guarantee himself a spot in the finale, he must make Top 8 in tomorrow’s bracket. While his Top 8 appearances have not been frequent, his win over F3 Sleep in Week 5 has certainly improved his odds.

Raven is Raw, MnT Letalis and Mike N Ike 25 are also occupying favorable positions in the rankings, but they are more vulnerable to shake-ups than Illusion. To safely ensure their spots in the finale, they must make Top 4 in the Week 8 bracket.

HW xXHOLOGRAMXx has been a surprising case. It wasn’t until Week 6 that he came passing through, leaving a crack the size of a canyon stretching through the KrossUp league. He prolonged Sleep’s second-place curse to become the Week 6 winner and propel himself right into arm’s reach of the Season Finale. However, he is sitting at eighth place, a rank that puts him at the greatest risk of being denied his shot at the finale. With the possibility that the players ranked below him could pass him, the only way to lock himself in is to make a Grand Finals appearance tomorrow night.

As for those outside of the Top 8, quite a respectable number of players could still overtake the current leaders. But to do so, not only must they reach certain stages in the Week 8 bracket, they must also hope that the dice falls in their favor…a lot.

  • Rico Suave: currently ranked 9th with 50 points, if Rico wins Week 8 AND Raven is Raw, MnT Letalis, Ectopic Illusion and Mike N Ike 25 do not make Top 8, he will pass everyone else to ascend to 4th place. Alternatively, if Hologram does not make it into Grand Finals but Rico does, Rico will overtake his spot at 8th place to qualify for the finale.
  • Sickle: also ranked 9th with 50 points, he must meet the same conditions outlined for Rico above to get into the finale.
  • Elevate Grief: with 35 points in his name, he has more work to do. A Grand Finals appearance in Week 8 will lock him in for the finale provided that Hologram does not make Top 16. Alternatively, if Letalis does not make Top 16 and Grief wins Grand Finals, he’s in the clear.
  • Circa Nicky: see Elevate Grief’s conditions above.
  • UA Charbok: see Elevate Grief’s conditions above.
  • STDx Rebelo: he’s broken into a respectable number of Top 8s, but without making it past quarterfinals in each of them, he does not have that many points supporting him. However, if he wins Grand Finals in Week 8 and Hologram does not make Top 16, Rebelo will sneak into the Season Finale. Additionally, if he wins the Grand Finals and Hologram does not make Top 16, they will be tied for 8th place.
  • YungTate: see STDx Rebelo’s conditions above.
  • HW DaaChronicle: see STDx Rebelo’s conditions above.

Below is a list of players who must win Week 8’s Grand Finals to have any hope of making it into the finale…as long as HW xXHOLOGRAMXx does not make either Top 8 or Top 16.

  • UA Kalypso
  • Tyzo
  • BH Truth
  • The One N 0nLy
  • BH Waterhorses
  • Circa Aphex
  • ItzTymeToDul
  • Broata
  • Dramank
  • SonicDolphin117
  • Charlieboy
  • Zipstar
  • LCD3
  • Mega The Man
  • HereticMAGICMAN

To summarize, if Hologram is absent from Week 8, the possibility of the Top 8 undergoing a last-minute change before the finale is high, for as long as the players listed above perform above expectations.

The Season Finale will take place on Saturday, April 15th. A final bracket will be provided once the Week 8 results are in.

Sign-ups for KrossUp Week 8 are still being accepted and will close at 5 P.M. EST this Saturday. Visit here if you want your final opportunity to rack up those points! Brackets will begin at 6 P.M. and will be broadcast live at the KrossUp Stream.Me page, which we recommend you follow so you don’t miss out on the action! Players from Xbox One and Windows 10 can compete via cross-play as long as they are from North America and at least seventeen years of age.

Not from North America? The Dutch Brawlers have partnered with Stream.Me to bring you a similar league called King of the Ring! See this page for details on how to participate.

We are truly grateful to the Killer Instinct scene for participating in our KrossUp series! It has been a privilege to witness every second of every match that unfolded in our brackets, whether it be on the stream or elsewhere. Thank you all for supporting the game and Stream.Me!

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