Introducing the Kross Up series presented by Stream.Me

No start to the year is complete without a killer announcement, so the staff here at Stream.Me is more than pleased to reveal our plans for the upcoming Killer Instinct: Kross Up.

Scheduled to run from January 14th to April 2nd, fans on both Windows 10 and Xbox One will be able to compete in weekly best-of-five single elimination tournaments for cold, hard cash and league points. Mr. Aquaman will be returning to cast the event, which will be streamed exclusively to the official Kross Up Stream.Me channel, and he will be joined by our very own JagoBlake, who is best known here as the journalist who has been writing those in-depth Kombat Cup recaps.

Our only requirements for participants are that all who compete in the tournament are at least 17+ years of age, are legal residents of the USA and Canada, and will be able to show up for your match on time. Brackets and registration will be run through so, if you fit the bill, head on over and get yourself signed up.

Those who follow our Kombat Cup will find that the Kross Up features a similar season structure. The Kross Up season will consist of three months of competition with single elimination brackets, then a Season Finals double elimination bracket. Each week will kick off hours of non-stop action on Saturdays, while the dates are subject to change, you can find the official schedule below:

Sunday Events
Week 1 January 14, 2017
Week 2 January 21, 2017
Week 3 February 4, 2017
Week 4 February 11, 2017
Week 5 February 25, 2017
Week 6 March 4, 2017
Week 7 March 18, 2017
Week 8 March 25, 2017
Season Finale April 2, 2017

We also haven’t strayed too far from our prize support system because, well, if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. Weekly prizes will be awarded once Saturday’s broadcast ties off, and you can check out the prize breakdown below:

Place Prize Money (USD) Points
1st $150 75
2nd $100 50
3rd – 4th $50 25
5th – 8th 10
9th – 16th 5

The Season Finale won’t award any points, but we’re pretty sure that the monetary award is going to be just as satisfying:

Place Prize Money (USD)
1st $400
2nd $300
3rd $175
4th $125
5th $100

Circa eSports’ Nicholas “Nicky” Iovene, who claimed fourth place in Evo’s 2016 Killer Instinct circuit, had the following to say about what Kross Up means to the KI community:

“The KI scene has had most of its success come from the online scene due to its wonderful netcode, and with this new tournament series, it will allow even more new opportunities for players to compete for prizes and points. This is the kind of support that this community needs, Thank you Stream.Me”

For the full rules breakdown of rules and the season format, check out the official Kombat Cup StreamMe channel for additional details. Registration will become live in the upcoming weeks. Be sure to follow and favorite StreamMe on Twitter to keep yourself updated for any future announcements!