Kombat King Returns! Echo Fox SonicFox wins Kombat Cup Week 10!

Tonight marks the start of the final quarter for the Kombat Cup as we go into Week 10’s Top 8 finals, which features seven returning faces and one newcomer. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and some of these players would have their chance to acquire or be denied their first taste. Read on for the results!

As the curtain rises for tonight’s Top 8, Noble Raptor is eager to get his runback with the returning champion, GTG Semiij. Whereas JagoBlake adopted a defensive approach when he faced Semiij in Sunday’s Top 16, Raptor was all business with quickly closing the distance to apply lows and overheads. The set eventually devolves into a counter-pick festival consisting of up to four unique characters and variations, during which Semiij answers his demon – Grandmaster Sub-Zero – with an extremely well-rounded Kitana. Raptor’s climbing frustration drives him to make severe errors in the spacing game, and Semiij punishes all of his missteps to win the set 3-1, ensuring the continuation of his win streak over Raptor.

Noble BeyondToxin takes on Circa Destroyer in an effort to avenge his fallen comrade, only to find himself trying to weather down Destroyer’s offense not more than five seconds into the first round. Destroyer took full advantage of his armor buff by staggering his strings and then calling out Toxin’s counter-poke with an array of special moves, including Tremor’s X-ray (with a Brutality on top). Toxin claimed some momentum in Game 2 with a good use of his overhead-teleport cancels, only for Destroyer to reclaim his composure and not let up in his aggression. Even Toxin’s courageous call-out on Destroyer’s wake-up X-ray does little to change the outcome: Destroyer advances 3-1 over Toxin!

What occurs in the third match-up leaves viewers wondering if there is a need for a ground game anymore, because SonicFox (now signed by Echo Fox, more on that here) and Revetleafing have taken their battle to the sky Dragonball Z style, complete with teleports taking both characters on and off the screen! However, SonicFox wins the majority of the air-to-air exchanges taking the set to a third game, during which Revetleafing changes to his Pyromancer variation. Sonic burns all of his meter to clutch out the first round and then locks onto his target with a homing missle that Revet tries desperately to escape, but fails, showing that there is apparently no limit to the lifespan of Sektor’s EX missle. Sonic comes out on top with a clean 3-0, with ALL three games having concluded with explosive Brutalities!

The Kombat Cup has been going on for ten weeks, yet we are still witnessing newcomers to the Top 8. Enter Bikith6264, also known as KHAOTIC LordRaidude, with a Displacer Raiden that bested Slayer’s Kung Jin to earn himself a shot at Noble Dragon. Unfortunately, he finds himself at a loss on how to contest Dragon’s air game, a fact that Dragon preys upon relentlessly while throwing in increased chip damage due to Assassin Kitana’s damage boost (Dragon also demonstrates new set-ups to guarantee the Sharpen as the match progresses). Unable to recover, Bikith goes down 0-3 against the raging Edenien warrior. The Noble dream lives on!

On his road to Grand Finals, GTG Semiij must overcome another runback. This one would be against Circa Destroyer, his opponent from last week’s Grand Finals. Destroyer seems to have fully embraced a Stonewall Jackson approach as he almost never presses a button while Semiij flays him with his jump-ins and blockstrings UNTIL the right opportunity to D2 under a high attack arrives. Destroyer also manages to fish for two crucial X-rays to interrupt Semiij’s calculated offense and award him the life lead needed to seal the deal. But then he tries and fails to challenge Semiij’s jump-ins, forcing him to revert back to a defensive approach that Semiij shuts down with a mixture of throws and staggered strings. Destroyer finally cracks, and his downfall is Semiij’s victory.

It had been some time since the MKX community bore witness to one of its favorite rivalries with SonicFox vs. Dragon, so their encounter proves to be refreshing. Instead of Kitana, Dragon opts to pull out his Impostor Shinnok so as to make all of his successful anti-zoning count with high damage and guaranteed mix-ups. Dragon’s teleports are very rarely used as the few times he’s tried it, Sonic instantly reacted and punished them despite having been knocked down. Sonic quickly eliminates the threat of Dragon’s overhead to limit the guessing game to Shinnok’s F4 low and the grab. Dragon also demonstrates an impressive awareness as to whether or not he retains the special attack he absorbed from his opponent, and it shows in his conversions. In the end, Dragon’s decision to engage Sonic in the air proves costly to the young prodigy.

After a few bumps on the road, Echo Fox Sonic Fox finally makes his return to Grand Finals to take on an old adversary – GTG Semiij! Each of these players maintained the Top 2 spots on the Kombat Cup rankings, and they also have a win apiece over the other, thereby marking this match as a tie-breaker. Regardless of the outcome, however, Semiij will maintain his #1 spot in the Kombat Cup rankings due to his victory over Destroyer.

Right off the bat, SonicFox starts the set with Dragon Naginata Tanya, a surprising character choice! The viewers begin speculating Sonic’s strategy behind this choice…perhaps hoping to prey upon ignorance of the match-up? If so, Semiij shuts this down with an amazing consistency in his answers to Sonic’s use of the pogo stick, such as fading to avoid an attack and then punishing with an instant neutral jump-punch. Semiij quickly goes up 2-0, but shades of EVO 2016 Grand Finals are cast over the Kombat Cup as the set changes direction in a subtle but frightening way due to sheer adaptation on SonicFox’s part. His pressure with the pogo stick continues, but Sonic becomes more discreet with his use of it and even blows up the gaps in Mileena’s strings that nobody truly capitalizes on. The crowd is frozen from shock as, for the first time in the Kombat Cup, Semiij’s consistency in throw techs becomes completely absent as he gets chucked about like a rag doll. As the ultimate conclusion, Semiij tries to stagger his offense to bait a reversal only to be forced into a guessing situation between Tanya’s low drill and overhead flip…and lose.

The stalemate has been broken. Echo Fox Sonic Fox has defied the odds. And most importantly, the throne is finally his once more! Perhaps two foxes are indeed better than one?! We congratulate him for his well-earned victory against Semiij!

Final Results

1st – Echo Fox SonicFox
Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd – GTG Semiij
Prizes: $100 and 125 league points

3rd/4th – Noble Dragon
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

3rd/4th – Circa Destroyer
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th – Bikith6264
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – RevetLeafing
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – Noble BeyondToxin
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – Noble Raptor
Prizes: 50 league points

Match Log


GTG Semiij (Ethereal Mileena and Royal Storm Kitana): 3 vs. Noble Raptor (Hellfire Scorpion, Grandmaster Sub-Zero and Shirai Ryu Takeda): 1

Circa Destroyer (Crystalline Tremor): 3 vs. Noble BeyondToxin (Mystic Ermac): 1

RevetLeafing (Dragon Naginata Tanya and Pyromancer Tanya): 0 vs. Echo Fox SonicFox (Sektor): 3

Bikith6264 (Displacer Raiden): 0 vs. Noble Dragon (Assassin Kitana): 3


GTG Semiij (Ethereal Mileena): 3 vs. Circa Destroyer (Hish-Qu-Ten Predator): 1

Echo Fox SonicFox (Sektor): 3 vs. Noble Dragon (Impostor Shinnok): 1

Grand Finals

GTG Semiij (Ethereal Mileena): 2 vs. Echo Fox SonicFox (Dragon Naginata Tanya): 3

We cannot express how thrilled we are at the players’ consistency in delivering stunning matches for those of us watching at home. The last two weeks are expected to deliver just as well, but once again, the Kombat Cup will be put on hold this weekend due to our staff attending Kumite in Tennessee 2017 in Franklin, TN. If you will be in attendance, we’d like for you to come chat with us! Your enjoyment of our online circuits is our greatest priority, so we’d be interested in knowing your thoughts!

In the meantime, for all players who did not break into the Top 4 territory, there is another Konquest bracket coming up tomorrow where players will compete in a redemption bracket for the chance to earn more points for their rankings. Sign up here and be ready to FIGHT!

On January 15th, the Kombat Cup resumes. Make sure you are tuning in at that time, because as Echo_FGC has teased…we’ve got great surprises coming your way. No, we are not leaving you with any hints as to what they may be, you’ll have to wait. 😉

Speaking of Echo, we thank him and Mr Aquaman for a commentary mixed with rib-breaking humor and analytical play-by-plays. We look forward to seeing them back with us for Week 11, but for now, we turn the reigns over to cR Mindset and GTG Doughboy who will be managing tomorrow’s Konquest bracket!

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