#KombatCup Season Finale set for January 29th!

Now that the Kombat Cup has finished its twelve-week circuit, Stream.Me would like to share with you some valuable details regarding the Season Finale!

First, above is the official bracket. Contrary to the Kombat Cup and Konquest brackets, this one will be done in a double elimination format. The three-of-five victory condition still applies as does character look.

We would like to congratulate these eight competitors for fighting their way past countless obstacles to make it to the final leg of our journey! Participation in the finale automatically guarantees each player a free copy of Injustice 2, which is coming out on May 16th and will be featured at Evolution 2017 two months after.

As well, the following prizes are awarded to the players who place inside the Top 4:

  • Season Finale winner gets the all included Evo 2017 or event of their choice package valued at around $2,000
  • Runner Up will be awarded $1,000
  • 3rd Place will receive $500
  • 4th Place receives $250

Kombat Cup’s casters, Mr Aquaman and Echo FGC, will be paying a visit to the Stream.Me studio in San Antonio where the Season Finale will be broadcast to the world! The finale itself will be played online on the Playstation 4. Make sure you tune in at 6 P.M. EST this Sunday on January 29th to witness the ultimate conclusion to the Kombat Cup!

(Note: the schedule for the Season Finale’s broadcast is still pending, meaning it is subject to change. Please follow Stream.Me’s Twitter to stay updated)

If that isn’t enough reason for you to tune in, then:

  • Details regarding Season 2 of the Kombat Cup will be shared during the finale! Didn’t do so hot in Season 1? You’ll get a chance to redeem yourself!
  • The course of the finale will aid us in completing our eight-man bracket for the Injustice Invitational, which will take place on February 8! Read here to learn more.

For those who came around to the Kombat Cup rather late, we’ve compiled a list of our winners from every week, seen below.

Meanwhile, the remainder of our Season Finale participants have made near-constant appearances in Top 8 and Top 16 of every week, and they’ve also made certain to participate in our secondary Konquest brackets to add more points to their name.

Of course, simply being told about the results doesn’t do the quality of their matches justice! You’ve got to see it to believe it, so visit our YouTube page, grab some snacks, and prepare to watch a LOT of videos.

To reiterate, the finale is set for this Sunday at 6 P.M. EST. Surprises other than what was shared in this post may or may not be dropped during the broadcast. You will just have to wait and see! 😉

We sincerely thank the MKX community for being so supportive of the Kombat Cup! These memories would not have been made without you, the players and viewers!