Kombat Cup Season 2 Finale set for May 7, 2017!

The last twelve weeks have flown by really fast…it only seemed like moments ago when we announced a second season for the Kombat Cup. Yet here we stand, ready to witness a final confrontation between the eight best competitors this season.

Before anything else, we’d like to thank all of you for playing in the Kombat Cup. Whether you did so for only one season or both, the fact you took time out of your day to support us, through your gameplay or viewership, is something that we truly appreciate. It is because of all of you that the league has seen two healthy seasons of competition!

As such, we are pleased to present to you…our finalists for Season 2!

  • Semiij
  • Noble Dragon
  • Echo Fox Sonic Fox
  • Noble Tweedy
  • HARA Rewind
  • InC yungmonster
  • Noble iLuusions
  • InC Revetleafing

You may find four of the above names familiar, as they were previously finalists for the Kombat Cup’s first season finale in January.┬áThe other four fought tooth and nail during the second season to earn their spots in the finale, as the first half did. SonicFox is also our returning champion from Season 1, meaning that he must defend his throne from this combination of veterans and new blood!

See below for the official bracket for the Season 2 finale.

Unlike with all of our preliminary brackets, the finale will follow a double elimination format. If a player loses two sets, he is out of the tournament for good. Other than that, standard rules apply.

  • each set will be a race to three wins.
  • character lock is in place (winner must keep their character and variation while the loser may change).
  • all stage selects will be done at random for both players.

Cash prizes have been increased and expanded to cover the Top 6 (this includes the Top 4 plus the two players tied for fifth place). This time around, we’ve got $3,800 up for grabs in the finale! The prizing will follow the format below:

First Place: $1,500
Second Place: $1,000
Third Place: $700
Fourth Place: $400
Fifth Place Tie: $100 for each player

With such an amount of money on the line, as well as SonicFox’s pride in the Kombat Cup, the stakes have never been higher. The bracket even contains players who have previously defeated the Season 1 champion during the course of Season 2. Can they do so again?!

Find out tomorrow at 6 P.M. Eastern Time! As always, the broadcast will be done at the Kombat Cup’s Stream.Me page! Make sure you follow it so that you don’t miss out on when we go live!

If you would like to review the results from all twelve weeks of Season 2, see below for a list of the winners. The articles for each week’s results will be linked to the winners’ names.

Week 1: Echo Fox Sonic Fox
Week 2: Semiij
Week 3: Semiij
Week 4: Noble Dragon
Week 5: InC yungmonster
Week 6: Echo Fox Sonic Fox
Week 7: InC yungmonster
Week 8: Semiij
Week 9: Noble Tweedy
Week 10: Echo Fox Sonic Fox
Week 11: Noble Dragon
Week 12: HARA Rewind

You can also check out all of the match footage from the entire league at our YouTube page! Playlists for both the mandatory brackets and the secondary Konquest series will be included for your viewing enjoyment.

The time has come to place your bets, people! Who do you think will become the Kombat Cup’s second Season Champion?! Give us a shout on Twitter telling us about your vote – we’d love to know your opinions!

Good luck to the finalists! See you all tomorrow evening for the big finish.