Kolin’s Combat Data Available – 1,000 Health and Stun

About a week ago, Kolin’s official combat data was made public. When she is released on February 28th, this information will be available in the Command List option when you pause the game. However, her frame data (a more specific calculation on the speed and hit/block advantage of her attacks) has yet to be known.

Kolin’s combat data can be seen via the Twitter post below.

One detail we’ve immediately noticed from the above post is the fact that Kolin will apparently have 1,000 health and stun, which is a surprise given her capabilities.

For those unaware of how SFV’s characters work, each of them comes with different statistics for health, damage output, stun value, movement and so on. The characters with more versatile toolsets tend to have a lower amount of health while others that are harder to work with (read: grapplers) have more health.

In the case of Kolin, she appears to come with a versatile toolset. Here is what we’ve learned she can do in combat:

  • she can use Frost Touch to parry enemy attacks for insane damage, as long as the version of her parry matches her enemy’s attack level. Light Frost Touch parries lows, Medium parries mids and Heavy parries highs.
  • she can use her Hailstorm projectile to cover her advance as she attacks the enemy, or position it at a distance from the opponent for tricky set-ups.
  • she has a special that deals impressive chip and is safe on block with meter. If it connects, she is allowed a follow-up.
  • she has a two-hitting sweep just like Guile, but the second hit appears to have less reach than the first. We assume the first hit can be canceled with V-Trigger, similar to F.A.N.G.
  • her crouching normals and roundhouse appear to have respectable range. Her air attacks, on the other hand…
  • her dash and walk speed are average, but she can slide and double jump for increased mobility.
  • Kolin can combo after her roundhouse (confirmed by Sajam), making this a very important button given its hitbox
  • her V-Trigger will freeze the enemy’s stun gauge on hit, preventing it from decreasing until Kolin takes a hit.
  • in addition to grounded throws, Kolin can also throw her opponents mid-air.
  • when walking backward, she taunts the enemy with a finger point. See this clip at 2:15.
  • she has an overhead attack that shares Laura’s animation, but it has faster start-up.
  • she has an impressive variety of command normals to choose from.

So far, the Street Fighter community seems very impressed with Kolin’s design (well, when you overlook her anti-climactic Critical Art). It will be a pleasure to see what the pros do with her, although Circa LPN appears to have given us a glimpse into Kolin’s future. See the clip linked in the list above for a demonstration.

Kolin will be available for all Season 2 pass owners on February 28th. If you did not purchase the pass, you will have to either buy her separately for $6 or earn 100,000 Fight Money in-game to unlock her.

Let’s also not forget that Capcom has recently hinted at balance changes coming to the game. With Final Round marked as the first event for the CPT 2017 season, players are expecting patch notes to surface before at least March 10. If a patch is indeed coming, it would make sense for it to go live before the CPT is officially underway…otherwise, the community would be forced to adjust to a different version of the game after playing the current version at FR, a possibility that pleases none of the hardcore players.

See here for confirmation on the balance changes.

What are your thoughts on Kolin so far? Eager to play her? Waiting for the next mystery character to be revealed? Let us know in your comments!