Kolin Revealed as Next Cast Member for SFV Season 2

Hours ago, the next member of Season 2’s mystery cast for Street Fighter V was revealed to be Kolin, formerly known as Helen up until the ending of the game’s story mode!

Quick little history lesson: Kolin has made appearances in a handful of the characters’ story segments such as Nash, whom she resurrects to use as a tool against the forces of Shadaloo. She appeared to harbor loyalty toward Urien, but it wasn’t until M. Bison’s fall that we would get a glimpse of her true master as the credits scrolled past the screen.

If you’re wondering, you can check out that scene here.

After operating from the shadows, Kolin joins the battlefield as the Phantasm of Snow and Ice. Her style enables her to battle at high-speed, using the opponent’s aggression against themselves. Watch the trailer below to get a glimpse of her abilities.

If you have already purchased the Season 2 Character Pass, you will have instant access to Kolin, as well as her Character Story, Combo Trials and Premium/Nostalgia Costumes, on February 28th. The pass can be purchased here for $29.99. Alternatively, you can purchase her separately for $5.99.

Kolin will be available to play at next week’s launch party for Lupe Fiasco’s newest album, DROGAS Light. A handful of the best Street Fighter V players in the world, including Capcom Cup 2016 winner Liquid Nuckledu, will be present at this party to take part in live exhibitions for the world to enjoy. Check out this article to learn more.

The trailer also features a preview to one of Lupe Fiasco’s new songs titled, “It’s Not Design.” If you’d like to pre-order his album, you can do so at this page.

Capcom has also gone on record to state that they will be making it a point to deliver news about the rest of the Season 2 characters in the coming months. In the event where a new character won’t be revealed that month, they will direct your attention to other content that they’ll be adding to SFV. They have already targeted the spring season as the deadline for updates to the Capcom Fighter’s Network, although they have not provided information on that since their last statement in January.

But get ready for this, readers…Capcom is apparently working on balance changes to bring the cast more in line with their vision of how the characters are to be played. With the Capcom Pro Tour so close to starting, there are mixed feelings about this revelation. Capcom is known to follow a pattern of one balance patch a year (although they do occasionally release hotfixes to address bugs), so to see them stray from the norm is quite unusual.

What characters will be buffed or nerfed? That is, of course, the burning question…one that will go unanswered for now.

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Source: Capcom Unity Blog