King of the Ring Finale set for June 11th at 8 P.M. CET

First of all, StreamMe is happy to thank The Dutch Brawlers for partnering with us to add some spice to Europe’s Killer Instinct series, King of the Ring! We’ve contributed cash prizes and a league points system that would serve to piece together an eight-man bracket consisting of the best eight killers from the EU scene. It’s been a pleasant few months to watch competitors meet up with one another and provide a show while leveling up along the way.

After five weekly brackets, four of which have been won by SlenderCashew’s Gargos, we’ve come to the end point of the road that is King of the Ring! Our eight finalists listed below will meet online tomorrow at 8 P.M. CET to decide who truly is the King of the Ring, with a $500 pot bonus (provided by StreamMe) up for grabs!

A quick review about each of our finalists:

SlenderCashew – easily the most overbearing threat entering the finale with 300 league points. Out of the five weekly brackets for KOTR, Cashew practically tore down four of them, demonstrating his power as a true Shadow Lord. He did face the Loser’s Bracket a handful of times, but he’d battled his way back to Grand Finals to remind everybody as to why he’s the best. The closest he ever came to facing elimination was when TDB H0TSH0T fought him in Winner’s Finals and Grand Finals for Week 5, though ITA Master411 has also proven to be capable of pushing him to his limits. The fascinating thing about Cashew is that unlike most Gargos players, his strategy consists of more than simply summoning minions and going to town. Get ready to enjoy his mastery of the character’s entire toolset this Sunday!

AL ITA Master411 – since StreamMe first partnered with TDB, ITA Master was the first participant to win a King of the Ring bracket. He returned to Grand Finals in Week 2 to add upon his streak only to be overshadowed by the arrival of SlenderCashew. They met countless times afterward with Cashew continuously emerging victorious. Their highly explosive yet unpredictable playstyles make for practically a fireworks display. ITA Master’s the kind of player that will willingly give you openings to exploit, and the second you begin preying on those openings, he closes them up and forces you to make faulty decisions. He comes into the finale with the second-highest amount of league points – 210.

TDB H0TSH0T – as previously mentioned, H0TSH0T almost delivered the killing blow to Cashew in Week 5, but he ultimately fell short. Nevertheless, his Cinder has been a regular sighting in the Top 8 brackets, and for good reason. His playstyle with the character can be considered complete, as he knows how to approach the game from various angles including from the ground, which isn’t exactly Cinder’s strongest point. He’s also juggled his other duty as a commentator while tussling with his opponents (for which we are thankful). He’ll be entering the finale as the third seed with a score of 95 league points.

TG Coopstar – a solidly fundamental Jago player who’s been a regular since Week 1, TG Coopstar’s knack for quick calculations makes him a deadly foe. When he is in control of the match, he has no problem with taking it slow until you’ve run out of space to retreat with, at which point you’re in the doghouse. He also came packed with a pocket Eyedol, a match-up that catches players unaware as he is a character that is rarely used overall. Often one has to clean up their strategy guide and rewrite a new one in order to keep Coopstar guessing. We’re pleased to welcome him to the finale as our fourth seed with 85 league points.

TDB LeChatNoir – known to be a lethal Hisako player from the EU region, LeChatNoir has begun experimenting with Shin Hisako’s capabilities, though he’s often found himself sticking with the original due to her unsafe movement options in her ascended form. His appearances in King of the Ring were fairly limited, but they were quite profitable for him in terms of league points. LeChatNoir is known to never overextend himself until he becomes confident in his ability to decipher your mindset. Better be careful swinging against him because you never know when you’ll eat that parry! With 55 league points, he qualifies for the finale as our fifth seed.

HW Valoraxe – like with LeChatNoir, his appearances in King of the Ring were not as numerous. However, with his recent victory at North America’s Combo Breaker tournament, the EU scene’s morale has never been higher! Valoraxe edges into the finale with 35 league points, which means he’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate why he became the UK’s hero two weeks ago! Like with H0TSH0T, his Cinder leaves the competition sweltering, though he also comes equipped with a pocket Tusk whenever he feels the urge to close out a match quickly…seriously, where’d their health bars go?! We’ll be eager to see if he can add to his victories or at least conclude his run in King of the Ring with a respectable showing.

(by the way, we did an interview with Valoraxe last week. Check it out here!)

TDB Fang – at 25 league points, he ties with our last finalist for the seventh seed. Despite Shadow Jago’s limited damage output, Fang’s unpredictability factor combined with his fundamentals makes him a fearsome adversary. He’s caused quite a handful of upsets in the series, such as his victory against Coopstar’s Jago in the final segments of KOTR. Although he’s been a rare sighting in the Top 8, he’s made profits for his league standings exactly like how LeChatNoir did. We’re ready to see what he’s capable of as we give the series a send-off!

Delta Rayquaza – again, we’ve mentioned that Eyedol players are a rare breed, but here comes Rayquaza to remind the KI scene that he’s still very much alive and well. While Eyedol’s tendency to randomly switch between stances can create frustration for the player, Rayquaza has taken it in stride. All of the strategies he’s built with this character are meant to work with the unpredictability factor which benefits him all the more. He ties with TDB Fang for the seventh seed, which is more than enough reason for us to welcome him into the finale. Will Eyedol overthrow Cashew’s Gargos and retake his place as the true Shadow Lord?!

If you’d like to relive our journey through King of the Ring, below is a list of articles recapping the results for all five weeks of the series. Footage of the tournaments is included with each post. Enjoy!

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So…who will be crowned the king?! Find out at tomorrow’s finale, which will be broadcast via Team TDB’s page at If you’re not following it already, we recommend doing so whilst enabling email notifications so that you don’t miss out on the broadcast. Also, be advised that time zones come into play here, so plan your schedule accordingly if you’re looking to tune in.

Many thanks to Team TDB for working with us to give you an exciting mini-series that contributes to competitive play for Killer Instinct! As always, we’re looking forward to bringing you the best of esports every day, every week! We’ll see you tomorrow for the conclusion to King of the Ring!

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