King of Fighters XIV receives a $1K pot bonus for @CEOGaming

Due to the generosity of an organization called SNK (found here on Twitter), King of Fighters XIV will have a $1,000 pot bonus up for grabs this weekend at CEO 2017, Orlando’s biggest FGC event that is held once every year!

CEO 2017 is one of the keystone events featured in the anime FGC’s Burst League, a circuit where players compete for league points to qualify for this year’s CEOtaku convention, a sibling event spawned from the original CEO that celebrates anime in all forms. This means that players competing in Blazblue, Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 or KOF XIV will be competing for points to get a step closer towards the big prize!

Now, players competing in King of Fighters XIV can try for a chance to add some more cash to their wallets in addition to league points, which are distributed to the Top 8 of every event in the Burst League!

SNK is the company responsible for the production of King of Fighters XIV, which will officially release for the PC platform this Thursday, June 15th. It is currently available for the Playstation 4. Competitors will battle using teams of three fighters in a one-versus-one format until only one team remains.

To pre-order King of Fighters for your PC, visit this page from the Steam website!

As for CEO itself, it begins this Friday at the Wyndham Resort in Orlando. The event will feature over two-thousand competitors across eleven games and will cross over with other leagues as a qualifier for a series of world championships including the Capcom Pro Tour, Curleh Circuit, Burst League and more!

Want a sneak peek at the brackets coming up? See below!

If you’d like to bear witness to the magic one can experience from fighting games, you can purchase a spectator pass on-site at the venue this weekend. Prices vary depending on the length of time covered by the pass you purchase.

In case you missed it, we did an interview with Mr. Jebailey to obtain insight on what to expect from CEO this year. Check it out here!

To those competing, good luck! For more news on King of Fighters and/or CEO, please follow this blog and the pages below:

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