King of Fighters XIV coming to PC soon + trial version coming this month!

At an SNK conference over at China, Producer Oda announced that a PC version of King of Fighters XIV is in development and would be released soon. When exactly, however, he did not say.

However, there is apparently a closed beta that will launch later this month. PC players are encouraged to check back at Steam for its impending arrival. As of right now, the game is currently available to play on the Playstation 4. If you’d like to try it out, you can buy a digital copy at the Playstation Store.

What is King of Fighters, you ask? It’s been a highly successful fighting franchise since its birth in 1994. The game boasts 2D mechanics in a 3D environment, with players commanding teams of three against opponents. In each match, you fight to K.O. your opponent’s entire team before they K.O. all of yours. Characters fight one at a time until the match is over.

KOF’s latest iteration features over fifty playable characters in all, so the possibilities are quite vast! Experiment with various combinations of characters to learn which team is right for you!

Below is an example of tournament gameplay for King of Fighters XIV from SoCal Regionals 2016. Give it a look!

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