King Jae and C-Krizzle banned from Tekken 7 UK Championship for “Collusion.”

Before reading, please note the following disclaimer:

“The author writes this post not with the intention of criticizing any and all parties mentioned in this post. It is being shared for the sake of discussion as well as reminding all Tekken fanatics of the Tekken 7 UK Championship series.”

Today, Bandai Namco’s UK branch released a statement that left the Tekken 7 community reeling from shock.

Apparently, suspicions of collusion arose over Tekken 7 tournament matches involving two of District G’s players, KingJae and C-Krizzle, at the Birmingham qualifier for the T7 UK Championship. For those unfamiliar with the term, “collusion” refers to when two players purposely play at a level less than what is normally expected of them in a tournament setting. In the FGC, it’s usually done with the intention to split their winnings between themselves, typically between teammates.

As you might imagine, there are mixed opinions on the subject. Some don’t find it to be disturbing, but since a side-effect of collusion is manipulation of the bracket as well as the gameplay decreasing in quality, it’s heavily frowned upon. However, it’s very, very difficult to spot evidence of collusion if it ever takes place, since accusations are usually met with denial and suggestions that a player was simply downloaded by their opponent and/or having an off-day.

But apparently, the viewers noticed something out of place during Top 8 matches involving KingJae and C-Krizzle, as did those who were attending the event. See below for the official statement from Bandai Namco’s UK division.

As a result of this double disqualificaiton, the runner-ups from both the Manchester and Birmingham qualifiers, specifically RTFM Asim and ED K_Justice, have been given spots in the final bracket for the MCM London Comic Con Finals, which will take place on the 26th of May. The next qualifier will occur at London on the 14th. For details on the event, visit the NGI Events website.

It’s not clear as to how the rules will be adjusted to target collusion – or suspicions of such – but we will keep you posted when we learn more. In the meantime, if you’d like to determine what happened for yourself, check out the T7 Top 8 archives from the Manchester and Birmingham Qualifiers below. Make sure to skip to each match that involves either KingJae or C-Krizzle.

The top three players from each qualifying event will be welcomed to the finale at the London Comic Con, plus a wild card. Thus far, twelve finalists have been determined:

  • RTFM Asim
  • ED K_Justice
  • RTFM KaneAndTrench
  • The Truth
  • W3D DJay_Voo
  • EXSoldier
  • Kishin
  • Vergus
  • CKT SpaghettiRip
  • CKT NeedsMoarCoffee
  • RTFM Roo Kang
  • CKT ElementalDeity

Therefore, the London qualifier will determine three of the four remaining slots for the grand finale! Who will it be?! Tune in when it happens and find out!

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