Killer Instinct 3.7 Patch Notes + Shin Hisako NOW AVAILABLE!

UPDATE as of 3/17/2017, 4:04 P.M. EST: Due to a change of plans, the KI team has opted to release Shin Hisako earlier than scheduled! You can now go to the character select screen and purchase her for $4.99! Alternatively, visit the Xbox Store to make your purchase.

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Two days ago, Killer Instinct received its next content update. Included are a slew of balance changes across the cast, system changes, and Shin Hisako’s addition to the character select screen, as well as more content to customize our favorite fighters with!

This patch mainly consists of bug fixes, but quite a few characters have received a tremendous amount of adjustments…in particular, Jago, Fulgore and Kilgore, whereas other candidates received only a few tweaks. As an example, see the change log for Jago below:

  • Light Windkick is now -4 on block (was -2).
  • Medium Windkick is now -6 on block (was -3)
  • Heavy Windkick is now -11 on block (was -7)
  • Double Roundhouse is now +2 on block (was +3)
  • Neck Cutter now hits on frame 22 (was 19) and has a slight range reduction
  • Endokuken damage reduced by 20%
  • Big Endokuken damage reduced by 20%
  • Shadow Windkick is now -1 on block (was +1)
  • Fixed a bug causing instinct endokukens to not fan cinder’s flames.
  • Fixed a bug where Jago’s combo breaker would become vulnerable during the landing portion of its recovery.

Jago was considered to be a contender for top five throughout all three seasons of Killer Instinct, by the players and developers alike. Now, it is unclear if he will maintain that position due to these changes, although the team appears to be optimistic. The changes listed above will discourage Jago players from committing so much to offense and instead variate their blockstrings while developing their approach to defense. Additionally, when it comes to his ability to regenerate health with his Instinct mechanic, he must now choose to sacrifice damage for life gain or vice-versa.

For more on the balance changes, check out this post at the Ultra Combo forums.

This update also adds a portrait of Shin Hisako to the character select screen in preparation for her arrival. She will not be playable until March 21st, but you can actually try her out right now by going to training mode and selecting her as the training dummy! When she becomes available, she will cost $4.99. Unlike with Kilgore, a portion of the purchases will not be dedicated towards the Killer Instinct Community Fund.

Also, players can now select Shin Hisako’s theme as the background music before they select a level for their next match.

During the World Cup last weekend, the game’s development team paid a visit to the Tobin Center in order to demonstrate some gameplay with their newest fighter. Below is a video detailing a walkthrough for Shin Hisako. If you’re looking forward to trying her out, you may want to arm yourself with knowledge.

Just so you know, while she will indeed share similarities with her original counter-part, she plays very, very differently. A prime example is how her walk speed and dash are much better than that of the original Hisako, as you’ll see in the walkthrough. Enjoy!

Other surprises have dropped via the Killer Instinct Twitter account while the World Cup was ongoing. For starters, we have been given a release date for the second wave of Ultimates coming to five fighters in Killer Instinct. This new pack, entitled the Ultimates Ultra Pack, will be available for download on May 2nd at no charge whatsoever!

Like with the previous pack, you can download these finishers for free at the game’s store menu from the opening screen. Here’s a sneak peek at Fulgore’s Ultimate if you haven’t seen it yet:

Additionally, we are receiving two more Gold Skin Packs for another portion of the roster, and Omen is finally getting some bonus colors for his wardrobe! These will be released on separate dates.

That’s quite a lot to take in, is it not? The team is notorious for keeping their community interested in new content for their flagship fighting game title. We’re excited to see what else they have in store for the killers!

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