Killer Instinct OST “The Dragon Spirit” nominated for Best Original Vocal Pop Song!

As Killer Instinct fans would wholeheartedly agree, one of the strongest points of the series is its amazing soundtrack. Mick Gordon blessed Seasons 1 and 2 with music that set the bar high for fellow musicians to strive for, but he made the unfortunate decision to depart the KI team shortly after the conclusion of Season 2. In his place, Atlas Plug and Celldweller stepped forth to carry on the mantle.

Understandably, fans were skeptical over Mr. Gordon’s replacements, but their doubts were assuaged quickly once Season 3 began. For about a year, we’ve celebrated everything Season 3 has had to offer, whether it be the new characters, new levels, new in-game content and most of all, the new soundtrack.

Today, the work by Plug and Celldweller is recognized in a strong light, as one of their works has just been nominated by G.A.N.G (Game Audio Network Guild) for the title of Best Original Vocal Pop Song!

Which of their songs received this prestigious honor, you may ask? Look below…

The lucky nominee is the theme for Killer Instinct’s first Season 3 cast member, Kim Wu! The song is entitled “The Dragon Spirit.” If you’ve given it a listen, you’ll surely agree that it’s a worthy selection by G.A.N.G.

The recognition has certainly been earned, but only part of the work has been done. If you support Plug and/or Celldweller and you wish to see their nominated soundtrack beat out the competition, you can cast your vote by signing up for an account at and casting your vote!

Visit here to read up on the full list of songs nominated for the 15th Annual G.A.N.G Awards, as well as to create your account so that you can show your support.

For more on Atlas Plug and Celldweller, follow their Twitter accounts and keep a close eye on the Ultra Combo forums for an occasional article from the duo.