Kilgore is available for purchase again at $4.99!

If, at any point in the past few weeks, you wanted¬†to purchase Kilgore but could not do so, that’s because he was taken off the Xbox Live store when the Killer Instinct Community Fund reached its conclusion.

As of yesterday, Kilgore has been re-added to the Xbox Store. Players can now purchase him for only $4.99.

When Kilgore was first added to the roster, he originally cost $9.99. This is because he served as the keystone for the Killer Instinct Community Fund, which in turn would contribute to the KI Ultra Tour, a collection of funds that are contributed to prize pools for tournaments held online and offline. The fundraiser managed to raise over $56,000 and part of it is going towards Combo Breaker and CEO this year.

It should be noted that since his debut, Kilgore has undergone a staggering amount of balance changes, so players seeking to purchase him will be in for a surprise if they have seen his pre-patch gameplay and not post-patch.

It was speculated that Shin Hisako would be used for a similar purpose, but at this time, she costs $4.99 and no proceeds from her purchases are being contributed to the Ultra Tour.

As a reminder, Killer Instinct is available for both the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. The game is free to download, but all add-on content including the characters must be purchased to be used.

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