KI Characters confirmed for second wave of Ultimates!

Last month, the Killer Instinct team revealed that half the cast would be receiving Ultimates, which are basically a cinematic finishing sequence similar to the fatalities seen in the Mortal Kombat franchise (only not as visually disturbing). These finishers cost nothing and can be downloaded via the Xbox Store or the in-game store.

Other than Shadow Jago (who has had his Ultimate since December 2015), the first wave of characters to get their Ultimates were Jago, Thunder, TJ Combo, Maya and Tusk. Now, it appears that we’ve gained a sneak peek at the next characters to be blessed with these finishers. Last night, a player visited KI’s store menu to discover an item that had the following description:

According to the image above, the next wave of fighters to receive Ultimates will include:

  • Sadira
  • Kilgore
  • Fulgore
  • ARIA
  • Riptor

Based on community feedback, Kilgore’s inclusion comes as an incredible surprise considering that he is the latest character to be released. Fans are also highly curious over how Sadira and ARIA’s Ultimates will look as neither of them were featured in the KI classics back in the 90s.

An official statement confirming this discovery has not yet been released by either Microsoft or Iron Galaxy. We expect to learn more this weekend or the next.

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