KeSPA Honors Korea’s Biggest Names and Organizations

The Korea e-Sports Association’s (or KeSPA) 2016 esports Awards celebrated the country’s greatest pro players and organizations today, including such household names as Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, Byun “ByuN” Hyun Woo, Lee “Infiltration” Seonwoo, and Ilmook “handsomeguy” Kang.

However, if there was a true winner, that honor would have to go to Faker. He took home both the League of Legends Best Player Award and the Grand Prize.

Four-fifths of SK Telecom T1’s roster won the LoL popularity award, Faker, Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan, Bae “Bengi” Seong-woong, and Bae “Bang” Jun-sik. ROX Tigers won this years first LoL team to win back-to-back as World Championships. Best Esports Team of the Year Award and League of Legends Best Leadership Award went to SKT. When accepting the award for Best Leadership, SKT coach Choi “L.i.E.S.” Byung-hoon expressed his dedication to the sport by announcing he plans to name his twin daughters ‘Lulu’ and ‘Poppy’ when they are born later this week.

Some of the major teams that received awards included MVP Phoenix for Best Overseas Activity in the team category and MVP Black for Heroes of the Storm Best Team Award. Even games themselves won awards, such as League of Legends winning Best Esports Game of the Year.

If you are curious to see all the winners, you can click here, or just check out the list below:

  • Achievement Award: Adidas Korea
  • Best Overseas Activity of the Year Award: MVP Phoenix (Team), Infiltration(Player), CrossFire (Game)
  • Sudden Attack Best Player Award: Kim Seongtae (Zenics Storm)
  • Kart Rider Best Player Award: Yu Yeonghyeok
  • FIFA Online 3 Best Player Award: Kim Jeongmin (Seongnam FC)
  • Heroes of the Storm Best Team Award: MVP Black
  • Hearthstone Best Player Award: handsomeguy
  • StarCraft II Best Player Award: Team ByuN
  • League of Legends Best Player Award: Faker
  • StarCraft II Best Leadership Award: Jin Air Greenwings
  • League of Legends Best Leadership Award: SK Telecom T1
  • Best Esports Team of the Year Award: SK Telecom T1
  • Best Esports Game of the Year Award: League of Legends
  • Best Esports Local Government of the Year Award: Gyeonggi Content Agency
  • League of Legends Popularity Award: Bengi, Bang, Smeb, Faker, Wolf
  • StarCraft II Popularity Award: Dark, TY
  • Grand Prize: Faker
  • Special Awards: Intel Korea, the coaches of StarCraft II ProLeague 2016

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