June Update launching for @InjusticeGame 2 today

A game update for Injustice 2 is scheduled to be launched today. It might even be downloading on your console right now. If not, we recommend pulling up your console’s home screen, highlighting the game and using the option to check for updates (this option may vary depending on your platform).

For those expecting balance changes, we don’t recommend getting your hopes up because this patch appears to focus more on bug fixes and updating menu layouts. In fact, only around a quarter of the whole roster has received direct adjustments, some of which concerns their gear rather than their base data.

Here’s a preview of the general changes taken from the WB Games website:

General Gameplay fixes

  • General stability improvements
  • Many move list corrections
  • Added more descriptive connection error messages and improved detection
  • Fixed audio issues related to moves being interrupted
  • Improved AI logic for multiverse opponents & for player AI loadouts
  • Corrected an issue which could cause specific Jump Attacks to not have recovery when a miss occurred
  • Corrected an issue that could cause a character to jump in the opposite direction if the jump was inputted on the same frame as an opponent teleporting to the opposite side
  • Gear Loadouts are now displayed in the loading screen for online matches
  • The level requirement on Gear will now be displayed as red if the user has not met the level requirement to equip it
  • Added an indicator to opponent info in online match making screens which will display if the opponent is using a Wi-Fi connection instead of a Wired connection
  • The cursor now starts on Return tab instead of Leave Guild in the edit / view Guild information popup
  • Added ability to view Set Bonuses in the customize character summary page
  • Fixed an issue related to the projected win percentage not being accurate for online ranked and player matches
  • Fixed an issue which could cause players to not receive the proper rewards upon reaching levels 5/10/15/20
  • The Guild tab will now flash in the main menu to indicate if awards are available to be claimed
  • Corrected an issue that could cause the camera to behave unexpectedly if there was an error when an arena transition happened
  • Multiverse opponents and player AI loadout characters will now use sidekick and assist attacks
  • Fixed an issue in some Multiverse events that allowed for Sidekick and Assist Attack meter to be depleted without the attack occurring

You can read up on the patch notes here.

Since move list corrections have been mentioned, competitors will want to sit down in practice mode and review their character’s frame data as it may have been rewritten to go in line with these corrections. Punishes on whiffed jump attacks may need to be revisited as well. The slightest change in frame data can tip rows of dominoes.

Otherwise, these changes appear to aim towards an improved user experience for all players regardless of their interests. It’s also possible that it might be a compatibility update to prepare for Red Hood’s arrival though that has yet to be confirmed. If you missed out on his gameplay trailer at Combo Breaker 2017, check it out here!

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