Joker’s Gameplay Trailer for @InjusticeGame 2 has been revealed!

Probably to nobody’s surprise, the next character for Injustice 2’s launch roster was just revealed via a live stream over at the DC Entertainment YouTube channel, and it’s none other than the Clown Prince of Crime…the Joker!

As one of the returning characters from Injustice 1, Joker’s old moveset will carry over to the sequel. However, we fully expect him to have different frame data and perhaps some new toys to play with, much like how Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman do.

Back during the competitive days of Injustice 1, the Joker was generally regarded by the community as potentially the worst character in the game, despite plenty of combo videos demonstrating combos and set-ups that can K.O. whole life bars. That being the case, he may end up being a stronger character this time around, and if his older resets also carry over, he has potential to be one of the best.

In fact, here’s one buff he got: a Super Move that looks much deadlier than the older version!

A gameplay demonstration by Netherrealm Studios has yet to be planned out, but in the meantime, you can continue to enjoy the DCAllAccess live stream linked at the top of this post. Can’t watch it now? You’ll get to catch up at the DC Entertainment YouTube later!

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